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Baggage and service fees

Baggage and service fees

Find all the useful information you need to prepare your checked and hand baggage.

What can you take with you on board?

What is the size limit for hand baggage?

How many baggage items can you check in?

What is the weight limit for each baggage item? What items are prohibited?

Find all the answers to these questions

Baggage allowance

Hazardous Materials Regulations

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RAM network excluding:


1 piece of baggage weighing 23 kg

2 pieces of baggage weighing 23 kg each

+ 1 additional piece of baggage weighing 23 kg


Egypt-Saudi Arabia-Lebanon

2 pieces of baggage weighing 23 kg each

3 pieces of baggage weighing 23 kg each

+ 1 additional piece of baggage weighing 23 kg


2 pieces of baggage weighing 32 kg each

3 pieces of baggage weighing 32 kg each

+ 1 additional piece of baggage weighing 32 kg


1 piece of baggage weighing 32 kg

2 pieces of baggage weighing 32 kg each

+ 1 additional piece of baggage weighing 32 kg

*This baggage allowance comes into force on 19 February 2015 for trips from 23 February 2015 and covers all destinations to/from Bissau, except LIS-OXB-LIS where the baggage allowance is 2 items of 23kg (in economy class) and two items of 32kg (in Business class)


Table 1

All flights except those between Turkey and Africa (table 2), to and from America (table 3)






except Libya*

To/from Africa/
Libya/Egypt/Saudi Arabia


1st additional piece

(up to 23 kg) *1

550 MAD

55€ / 550 MAD

150€ / 1500 MAD

2nd additional piece 

(up to 23 kg) *1

1000 MAD

150€ / 1500 MAD

250€ /  2500 MAD

3rd additional piece (and over)

(up to 23 kg) *1

1500 MAD

150€ / 1500 MAD

350€ /  3500 MAD

*1 Over

- weight per piece (between 23k and 32k Max.)

550 MAD

55€ / 550 MAD

100 €/1000 MAD


* refers to flights to/from EUROPE/MAGHREB                                                        

- MAROCCO <-> EUROPE                                                                                     

- MAROCCO <-> MAGHREB (except Libya)                                                             

- EUROPE <-> MAGHREB (except Libya) 

 ** refers to flights to/from AFRICA/LIBYA/EGYPT/SAUDI ARABIA/LEBANON                                                            




Table 2: Between Africa and Turkey (bidirectional)

Between Africa and Turkey


From the 1st to 10th additional piece (up to 23 kg)

120 €

From the 1st to 10th additional piece (up to 32 kg)

150 €

11th additional piece (and over) (up to 23 kg)

250 €

Overweight/oversized baggage

 50 €


Table 3: To and from America  (Canada, USA, Brazil)


Fees for each additional piece

 Overweight/oversized  fees

Departures from Morocco

1500 MAD

500 MAD

Departures from Europe/Algeria/Tunisia/Middle East/Africa

150 €

50 €

Departures from USA

150 USD

50 USD

Departures from CANADA 

150 CAD

50 CAD


160 CAD

50 CAD


190 CAD

50 CAD 

Departures from Brazil

150 USD

Non authorised


All oversized and overweight baggage to/from Brazil should be considered as additional baggage.


Special passengers


Baggage transported free of charge as well as the baggage allowance



10 kg

Buggy or carrycot 


Reduced-mobility passenger

Normal Fee

Wheelchair or walker

 Excess: Normal fee

Passenger with guide dog

Normal Fee

Guide dog

 Excess: Normal fee

Passenger on stretcher with a safety assistant

1 additional piece for each person, to be detailed on the tickets


Excess: Normal fee

Extra Seat +CBBG

1 additional  piece, to be detailed on ticket


Excess: Normal fee








except Libya*

To/from Africa/AMERICA/Brazil/
Libya/Egypt/Saudi Arabia/Lebanon***

Transport of sport Equipment(1)

Up to 23 Kg/158 cm

500 MAD

550 MAD/55 €

1500 MAD/150 €/150 USD/150 CAD


Up to 32 Kg/203 cm

700 MAD

1000 MAD/100 €

2000 MAD/200 €/200 USD/200 CAD


Up to 32 Kg/300 cm

1000 MAD

1500 MAD/150 €

3000 MAD/300 €/300 USD/300 CAD

Transport of Animals(3)

Passengers travelling with a pet in cabin  (PETC)2

250 MAD

550 MAD/55 €

1000 MAD/100 €/100 USD/100 CAD


Passenger travelling with a pet in hold* *(AVIH): Up to 23 KG

500 MAD

500 MAD/50 €

1500 MAD/150 €/150 USD/150 CAD


Passenger travelling with a pet in hold* *(AVIH): 24 to 46 KG

1000 MAD

1500 MAD/ 150 €

2500 MAD/250 €/250 USD/250 CAD


Passenger travelling with a pet in hold* *(AVIH): 47 to 70 KG

2000 MAD

2500 MAD/ 250 €

4500 MAD/450 €/450 USD/450 CAD

* refers to flights to/from EUROPE/MAGHREB                                                    

- MAROCCO <-> EUROPE                                                                                    

- MAROCCO <-> MAGHREB (except Libya)                                                           

- EUROPE <-> MAGHREB (except Libya)

***refers to flights to/from AFRICA/AMN/BRAZIL/LIBYA/EGYPT/KSA/LEBANON

- MAROCCO <-> AFRICA/AMN/BRAZIL/LIBYA/EGYPT/KSA/LEBANON                                                              



(1)  Relevant sports equipment as follows:

Golf, Water skis, fishing equipment, weapons, scuba diving equipment, Pole vaults, tandem bicycles, surfboards, windsurfers, hand-gliders, paragliders and canoes.

The first golf bag up to 23KG is free of charge

Fishing material (including 2 rods, 1 pair of boots, 1 box and 1 net) is free of charge if under 300 cm long. Any items above this number should be considered as excess baggage.

(2)  The PETC is complimentary for GOLD and AMBASSADOR passengers

(3)  If AVIH 70 kg, it must be taken to freight.


Certain items can be exceptionally transported:
Pacemaker implants after operation.

Medicines and toiletries, necessary or useful during the flight, carried in hand or checked baggage or:
For flights departing from airports in North America and the European Union, the transport of certain products is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Liquid medications (insulin, syrups) are accepted with a prescription in the name of the passenger.
  • Liquids and tubes of cream not exceeding 100ml must be placed in transparent plastic bags 20cm x 20cm. 
  • Dry ice used for packing perishables in hand baggage, is limited to 2kg.
  • Alcoholic beverages (not exceeding 70 ° alcohol), perfumes, colognes: the net quantity of alcoholic liquid in each container should not exceed 5l, and the total net amount of perfume or cologne transported by each passenger should not exceed 2l and the net quantity of each individual item in should not be more than 0.5 l.
  • Articles for smoking for the personal use of the passenger carried on their person.
     However, lighter fuel and refills, and lighters containing unabsorbed liquid fuel are prohibited.
  • Therapeutic oxygen





Domestic animals

Authorised animals: dogs, cats and birds

One additional baggage fee (see excess baggage) 

No charge for Safar Flyer Gold


(0-2 years old)

Accompanied infant

If the baby doesn’t take up a seat, the fee is 10% of the fare paid by the accompanying person 

If the infant takes up a seat, the rate is the same as for children from 2 to 12 years old

Children (2 to 12 years old)

Magic Universe: special care, children’s meals as well as a choice of toys

Reduction applied to the adult fare 

Same fare as a normal adult single fare

Accompanied children or infants (0 to 12 years old)

Assistance at the airport, on board and during connections 

Ensure the safety and comfort of your child

If there are several children under the age of 8 in the same family, only the eldest will be issued a ticket at the normal adult single rate.

Unaccompanied children (2 to 12 years old)

UM (Unaccompanied Minor: 4-8 years old): under the constant care of staff from check-in to the final destination

50 EUROS per booking for a direct flight 

100 EUROS for a flight with connection


Following all the world's major airlines, Royal Air Maroc has introduced service fees that are charged according to the service provided for the customer.
The ticket price includes the price of the flight, to which is added any additional charges, airport charges and service fees. Service charges are per ticket per passenger.

Service fees will vary depending on the destination and point of sale selected

Each point of sale offers a specific service:

Royalairmaroc.com : Available 24h/7, fast with great e-services, e-news information on current promotions and plenty of advantages.

Royal Air Maroc agency: personalized service

Call centers: Available 24/7, advice 

Administrative costs

Service fees apply according to the following table


To Morocco

From Morocco

Booking  fees for tickets issued in an agency

60 $ / 15 £ / 25 €

480 dhs (economy)
 960 dhs ( premium )

Telephone booking fees

  •      Morocco to Morocco: 60 dhs (economic) 120 dhs (business)
  •      France to Morocco / Other destinations: 10 €
  •      Italy to Morocco: 30 € / Other destinations: 40 €
  •      Spain to Morocco: 30 € (economic) € 40 (business)
  •      Spain to another destination: € 50 (eco) € 70 (business)
  •      Switzerland to Morocco: 40 CHF / Other destinations: 60 CHF
  •      Netherlands to Morocco / Other destinations: 20 €
  •      Germany / Belgium to Morocco: 20 € / Other destinations: 30 €
  •      England to Morocco: 15GBP / Other destination: GBP 20
  •      Canada to Morocco / Other destination: CAD 20
  •      USA to Morocco / Other destinations: USD 20
  • to Europe 100/260/360 dhs (economic) 720dhs (business)
  • to Algiers / Tunis: 240 dhs (economic) 480 dhs (business)
  • Other destinations to 480 dhs (economic) 960dhs (business)

Online booking fees

4 £ / 5 € / 8 € ( FRANCE ) 

80 dhs



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