Practical Guide

Transporting animals

If you wish to travel with your pet, here you will find all the information about transport rules and rates to prepare for your trip.

Pets in the cabin 

When you wish to travel with your pet, you can be sure that we will take great care in looking after them.

 Domestic animals (dogs, cats, birds) are accepted in the cabin if the following conditions are met :

Animals in the hold  

To be accepted, the animal must be placed in a carrier with all the necessary safety guarantees (robustness, waterproof bottom, closing mechanism, ventilation) and appropriate to the size of the animal. 

The container must be labelled with the name and address of the owner. 

Any damaged carriers will not be accepted for check-in (closing mechanism must be in good working condition). 

No hay or straw is permitted in the carrier. 

The passenger should indicate transport of an animal when booking the flight. 

If accepted as baggage, the animal in its carrier containing its food will not be included in the baggage allowance of the passenger but constitute excess baggage, for which the passenger will pay the applicable rate. 

 Guide dogs with their cages and food, accompanying visually or hearing impaired or physically handicapped passengers will be transported free of charge in addition to the normal baggage allowance, subject to Carrier's Regulations. 

The transport of animals is subject to the condition that the passenger assumes full responsibility.

The carrier accepts no responsibility for injury, loss, delay, sickness or death of such animals where entry or transit is refused in a country, state or territory. 

Before the flight, the captain will be informed of the presence in the hold of your pet and will take all the necessary measures so that they travel comfortably (lighting, heating, etc.). 

For connections

If your trip includes a connection, make sure you have at least 2 hours between your flights.

You can only check your pet in on your first flight.

During your connection, you need to allow enough time to collect your baggage and your pet, then check them in again for your next flight.


Animals carried in the cabin or in the hold are counted as excess baggage for which a fee is applied (see Baggage and service fees), with the exception of certain cases mentioned in the table below :

The weight of animals and their carriers are not included in the baggage allowance of the passenger. 

           Live Pets

                   Conditions for transport and Fees      

Pets in cabin (PETC) (dog - cat-bird)

Maximum weight 5kg including carrier

It is permitted to carry more than one animal per carrier provided that it meets the rules for cabin baggage and the total weight is not over the limit of 10kg.

Animals in the hold (AVIH)

The weight of an animal in the cabin must be less than 75Kg. Above that weight, the animal must be transported by freight.

Guide dogs accompanying blind or visually impaired passengers and hearing impaired passengers

 Free travel on the entire RAM network in addition to the baggage allowance 

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