Royal Air Maroc commercial measures considering the current situation of the COVID-19

From the start of Coronavirus crisis, Royal Air Maroc implemented new measures to meet the temporary countries’ restrictions and assist our passengers efficiently. Following the development of the COVID-19 situation, and the suspension of all our international flights, Royal Air Maroc is reconsidering these provisions. The company is mobilizing with all of its customers and partners to get through this difficult period by taking new measures to support all its passengers:

  • Targeted passengers: tickets issued before 31th of March 2020, in all Royal Air Maroc network including canceled flights because of de COVID 19 authorities’ restrictions. Domestic flights are not concerned (Prime-tickets included);
  • Travel date: before June 31, 2020 inclusive;
  • Ticket Change: one change free of charge;
  • Conditions: change for the same destination and the same fare class; (Tariff difference applicable in case of unavailability of the initial fare class)
  • flight deadline: until October 31,2020 (return date can be extended beyond this deadline to keep the same duration of the trip);
  • Refund conditions: travel voucher valid for 12 months issued by our call center only (nonrefundable)
  • Tickets’ price conditions remain applicable

Ticket changes can be made at your travel agency or via our call center at the following numbers:

Morocco : 089000 0800

International : +212522489797

Travel vouchers issued under the special COVID-19 provisions before March 26, 2020, with an initial validity of 6 months, will have their validity automatically extended by an additional 6 months (validity of 12 months cumulative) by Royal Air Maroc Call Center teams.

Customers do not need to contact the Call Center to benefit from the extension of the validity of their previously issued travel vouchers.



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