Safar Flyer Corporate

Safar Flyer Corporate

Safar Flyer Corporate: earn miles and reduce your company's travel budget! 

Want your company to make  savings on its travel budget? With the Safar Flyer Corporate program, for any flight operated by your employees on our lines for business or personal trips, your business has 30% of miles free, paid directly into your Safar Flyer Corporate account!

Your company therefore quickly combines convertible miles into premium tickets and upgrades and therefore save money!

Enjoy it fast, membership is free!

Are your employees already members of Safar Flyer?

If your employees are already Safar Flyer cardholders, they keep the same membership number and all of their miles.

 Following the creation of the Safar Flyer Corporate account by your company, and with each trip made personally or professionally on our lines, your employees continue to cumulate 100% of their miles on their individual Safar Flyer account.

In order for your company to accumulate the 30% bonus, it is sufficient that each of your employees gives their Safar Flyer card number during the ticket purchase and at check-in at the airport. Nothing could be simpler!

Are your employees not yet Safar Flyer members?

In order for your business to benefit from all the advantages of the Safar Flyer Corporate program, your employees must first join Safar Flyer at "Join Safar Flyer".

How to request a Safar Flyer Corporate account?

Download the  Safar Flyer Corporate membership form, to be completed by the Safar Flyer Corporate account administrator for your company and return to this address:

Your request will be dealt with in the shortest time. You will receive an email notifying you of your Safar Flyer Corporate account number as well as your PIN number to allow you, as the administrator to consult the Corporate Safar Flyer account.

What are the premiums that the account administrator may request from the Corporate Safar Flyer account?

Thanks to the Safar Flyer Corporate account you can take advantage of the accumulated Miles to request premium tickets for your employees, as well as upgrade rewards.

Can any business join the Safar Flyer Corporate program?

Yes, whatever the size of the company and if it flies with Royal Air Morocco.

The minimum number of staff required to create a Safar Flyer Corporate account is 3 members, with a minimum age of 18 years

Is there a limit to the number of members allowed per business?

No, there is no limit to the number of employees a business can have with a Corporate Safar Flyer account.

My company has hired a new employee, what should I do?

It is sufficient that the Safar Flyer Corporate program administrator informs in writing their Royal Air Morocco account executive  or partner travel agency.

If the new employee is not yet a member of the Safar Flyer program,they must go directly online to

Is there a Corporate Card ?

No, there are no Corporate cards.



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Por otro lado, nuestros clientes Safar Flyer podrán ganar millas con nuestros socios y disfrutar de descuentos muy atractivos.

Nota: al utilizar este servicio, será redirigido a los sitios web de nuestros socios, los cuales se encargarán de todos los aspectos relacionados con este servicio.

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