Upgrade award to business class

Upgrade Award in Business class:

Upgrade Award Chart  in miles for a one way trip

Terms of the premium:

- Award valid for one way trip and cannot be applied with an award ticket 

- Applicable to all paying classes exepted the classes G, N , S , E class and Xbag class.

- The purchase of the ticket must be paid before making the upgrade award request 

- The booking for the upgrade ticket must be made through the Call Center or a Royal Air Morocco agency.

- Granting conditional on the availability of Business class seats reserved for upgrade in miles.

- the Upgrade to Business class award is transferable to another Safar Flyer member.

- Upgrade Award is not combinable with other awards (extra luggage allowance award, award ticket,...)


- The upgrade is allowed on all paying classes excepted the classes G, S, N , E and Xbag.

How to benefit? 

Here are the means at your disposal to allow you to request an upgrade award in Business class: 

The upgrade award in Business class is to be done on a paying ticket (excepted the classes G, S, N, E and Xbag).

1 / Make sure you have the necessary balance in miles for upgrade award in Business class 

2 / Contact our Call Center to request the upgrade award in Business class of your paid ticket.

3 / Log in to your private session and go to the section"Request for an Airline Award " to complete the form for an upgrade award in Business class form or fill in the form below to send by email to: primesafarflyer@royalairmaroc.com

4 / Following your request, a notification of the mileage of your Safar Flyer account and an email confirming your reservation in business class will reach you. Remember to update your email address!

Have a nice trip ! 




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С компанией Royal Air Maroc Вы можете забронировать аренду автомобиля по интернету на всех наших направлениях и других направлениях по всему миру. Благодаря нашему сотрудничеству с компаниями Europcarи Holiday Autos, несомненно, найдете самые илучшие тарифы аренды автомобиля для отпуска или командировки.
Кроме того, наши партнеры позволяют клиентам Safar Flyer накапливать мили и пользоваться очень выгодными скидками.

Примечание: При использовании этого раздела Вы будете перенаправлены на сайты наших партнеров, несущих ответственность за все аспекты по этому разделу.


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