Safar Flyer Offers

Safar Flyer Offers

◊ Special offer

As a couple, with friends or family, there are many ways to celebrate love and show your loved ones how much they mean to you with Safar Flyer!

Here are your special offers:

1- Get their adrenaline going with a 50% discount on a flight simulation session award. Valid offer from 12/02 to 28/02I enjoy it > 2- Offer a little comfort and luxury with a 50% discount on the Business class  upgrade award to Spain and Portugal.  Valid offer for travel from 12/02 to 28/02Book it > 3- Or enjoy a moment of relaxation with a 50% discount at Maison d'Asa on special care and products on presentation of your Silver, Gold or Ambassador Safar Flyer cardPhone:  0522996607Special offer: Stay with AccorHotels and earn X3 Safar Flyer Miles!

From now on, as a Safar Flyer member, you can convert your Safar Flyer miles into Reward points, thanks to our new partner, LeClub AccorHotels.

Benefit from many discounts and advantages at the group’s hotels that are members of the LeClub AccorHotels program.

You can also convert your Reward points into Safar Flyer miles and enjoy many more advantages! Learn more >

Do not miss our special launch offer that can make you win 3 Times more miles.                                            I enjoy it >

Offer’s conditions :

  • Valid offer for every member of the Safar Flyer and LeClub AccorHotels programs

Join Safar Flyer  here >

Join LeClub AccorHotels here >

  • Valid offer for every hotel stay between January 26th and April 26th 2018
  • Valid offer for every stay at one of the 3400 hotels members of LeClub AccorHotels program, among 13 brands in 92 countries. Learn more>
◊ Finish the year in style! 

Let your Safar Flyer card take you to the magical world of carnival at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann and live a fairytale experience!

 Life is a party. Shopping too!

Enjoy these exclusives advantages as a Gold member:

•  Get access to a VIP Concierge Lounge

• Benefit, in this VIP Lounge, from an immediate -12% tax refund on your purchase

• Get a complimentary Montblanc notebook*


*Minimum purchase to receive your gift: 250€

Enjoy these exclusives advantages as a Silver member:

•  Get access to a private area and benefit from an immediate -12% tax refund on your purchase

•  Get a complimentary 25€ restaurant coupon*


*Minimum purchase to receive the coupon: 250€

Enjoy these exclusives advantages as a Blue member

• Download the app Lineberty to get priority access to tax refund service and benefit from a -12% tax refund

• Get a complimentary Galeries Lafayette Tote Bag* 


*Minimum purchase to receive the gift: 50€

◊ Buy and freely transfer your miles!

Do you need some miles to get your award?

You can buy miles to freely benefit from Safar Flyer’s awards.

In order to be able to buy miles:

• The Safar Flyer member who expresses the demand should have at least 4 000 miles at award miles’ balance;

• The Gold and Silver members can buy up to bility to buy 10 000 prime miles at a time;

• The Blue members can buy up to 4 000 prime miles at a time;

•The member can buy up to 30 000 miles per year;

• The member should use the bought miles before making a new order.

The mile’s price: 0.2 MAD.

How to proceed? 

You simply have to get to the nearest Royal Air Maroc’s agency in order to express your demand and  pay for it.

Do you need to transfer your miles to one of your relatives or friends?

Safar Flyer enables you to do that!

In order to be able to transfer your miles:

• The member who will receive the transfer should at least have 4 000 miles on his award miles balance;

• The transfer can be done by levels of 1 000 miles;

• The Blue members can benefit from 2 transfer operations per year up to 10 000 miles;

• The transferred amount should be equal or lower than the beneficiary’s balance.

The miles’ transfer operation is free.

How to proceed? 

The Safar Flyer member who wants to transfer his miles, should simply send his demand to one of the following addresses:

• For a blue member:

• For a Gold or Silver member:

◊ Not yet a Safar Flyer member ?

Flying with Royal Air Maroc ? let’s stay connected!

Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our customers, and we are focused on having all our flights arrive and depart on schedule, but there may be times when weather, air traffic control, operational or service considerations lead to flight delays, cancellations or diversions. When this happens, we will do all possible to provide the  best available information concerning your trip.

 When you book your flight, please provide us with your mobile phone number ( including the country code) and e-mail address that you will be using during your trip.

Wherever you are in the world, before, during or after your trip, we will be able to contact you and notify you of any changes and irregularities for your flights.

Don’t worry  If you did not provide this information when booking, you may enter your contact details* at any time on our website in the “consult / change your booking” area. 

As a Safar flyer member, please take a few moments to update your contact details on your private session.




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С компанией Royal Air Maroc Вы можете забронировать аренду автомобиля по интернету на всех наших направлениях и других направлениях по всему миру. Благодаря нашему сотрудничеству с компаниями Europcarи Holiday Autos, несомненно, найдете самые илучшие тарифы аренды автомобиля для отпуска или командировки.
Кроме того, наши партнеры позволяют клиентам Safar Flyer накапливать мили и пользоваться очень выгодными скидками.

Примечание: При использовании этого раздела Вы будете перенаправлены на сайты наших партнеров, несущих ответственность за все аспекты по этому разделу.




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