Riyadh - Agadir

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From 3199 SAR TI R/T
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  • Change : Allowed Under conditions
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  • Sales period : From 09 August 2019 to 30 April 2020
  • Period of travel :
    Outbound : From 01 April 2020 to 30 April 2020
  • Minimum stay : 3 days
  • Maximum duration of trip : 3 month
  • Fare may change without notice
  • Return fare valid on AT flights, subject to availability of seats in Economy Class.
  • When buying a return ticket, the fare conditions for the most restricted class are applicable to the entire journey for all refund requests.


Modern, sunny, invigorating and exceptional… follow the guide and let yourself be inspired:

Flights to Agadir

Royal Air Maroc flights to Agadir operate daily from Orly airport with a flight duration of 3h 25 from take-off in Paris. The Agadir-Al Massira airport is 22km from the city center, which is easily accessible by rail shuttle service or by taxi.

Food and drink

Numerous restaurants on the fishing port offer menus rich in seafood, ideal for a trip out to lunch. Along the corniche, café terraces and restaurants with stylish and happy atmospheres serve a variety of meals, with a selection of menus that range from authentic to daringly creative.

Cultural highlights

A city reborn and steeped in the sweetness of living, Agadir is set in an exceptional location sheltered by one of the world’s most beautiful bays, armed with an irresistibly charming array of features. Discover the site of the old Casbah, a military fortress from the sixteenth century that now feels like a vast open-air museum, with a magnificent view across the bay. Buildings made from natural stone, chalk-whitened, in many different styles, narrow pedestrian alleys and bustling workshops with craftsman hard at work, souvenir boutiques and cafés all transform a walk through the city into a wonderful experience. The 13000 hectares spanned by the Souss Massa National Park provide security for all types of birds (pink flamingos, northern bald irises…) to migrate in tranquility. A haven of peace, this spot will also delight avid walkers.  


Modern Agadir presents wide avenues whose white facades are packed with artisanal workshops, international franchises and prestigious shops. The traditional medina quarter with Amazigh architecture alone demonstrates the depth and richness of Moroccan craftsmanship. Here, you can find crafted products, local produce and a wide selection of Amazigh jewelry.

Leisure and recreation

Sunny all year long, the “pearl of the south” offers sailing, windsurfing, horse-riding, tennis, golf for sport enthusiasts, and fresh fruit cocktails for calmer visitors to sip in the shade of the eucalyptus tree. Perched between the mountainous regions of the Anti-Atlas and the west side of the High Atlas, Agadir is the starting point for many a marvelous expedition: out to sea with 1600 kilometers of teeming coastline for deep-sea fishing; into the mountains for skiing, fighting the rapids in kayaks or canoes, paragliding or motorsports rallying; into the Sahara desert to explore its 300 000km of sand and rock for hunting expeditions, air rallies or meditation…

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