VeriFLY is a secure mobile application that allows you to upload your travel documents (COVID-19 test result or vaccine certificate) and have them checked and verified before you fly.
VeriFLY allows you to ensure that you meet all the Moroccan entry requirements and to speed up your check-in at the airport.
You can be part of the volunteers to test the VeriFLY application on Royal Air Maroc flights departing from New York to Casablanca from Monday, 2 August 2021 until Monday, 20 September 2021.

For a speedy movement through the airport!



How does it work ?



Download the app, create your account, choose the pass “ A Trip to Morocco” and add your flight details to see the travel requirements.


Upload the required travel documents to your account (COVID-19 test result or vaccine certificate). VeriFLY will check and verify your documents.
Once VeriFly has checked that you meet all the requirements, a green check mark will appear which you must present at the airport. This is the list of the Digital Vaccine Certificates that can be scanned currently via VeriFLY :
• UK – NHS
• EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC)
• SMART Health Cards (CVS, NYS Excelsior, US States – California and Louisiana)

At New York Airport, present your Pass on the VeriFLY app and benefit from a fast check-in.

At Casablanca airport, present your Pass on the VeriFLY application to the health control agents.

Who can use the VeriFLY App ?



• Royal Air Maroc passengers on flights from New York to Casablanca who will receive an email inviting them to be part of the volunteers to test the VeriFLY application.

• If you receive the invitation email and you want to be part of the volunteers, simply download the VeriFLY app and follow the steps mentioned in the email to generate your pass on the VeriFLY app.

Frequently asked questions


  • VeriFLY is a secure travel pass app provided by Daon. VeriFLY will guide you through the travel requirements for the country you a travelling to. Simply upload the required travel documents (COVID-19 test result or vaccine certificate) and VeriFLY will verify them before you fly. VeriFly™ is a third-party mobile app provided by Daon. The use of this third-party service is optional. If you prefer, you can show your test certificate and fill in all the relevant documents when you check in. You can find out more information about VeriFLY or download the app here :

  • VeriFLY requires a network connection to acquire credentials and passes. However, valid passes can be accessed and presented even when your device is offline.

  • VeriFLY is free to download and use.

  • If you use VeriFLY, you'll know in advance whether you meet the COVID-19 requirements to enter Morocco because you'll get a check mark confirming that your documents (vaccination certificate or PCR test results) are valid to travel. This will allow you to benefit from a speedy movement at the airport. It's also free to download and easy to use.

  • VeriFLY is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems and currently supports iOS 11.0 (and higher) and Android 5.0 (and higher).

  • For now, VeriFLY can only be used by the passengers of the flights from London to Casablanca. We will email you before your scheduled departure date if this service is available for the route in your booking.

  • How do I add a pass? The passes available to you will appear when you click on the “Search” button at the bottom of the app. Please scroll through the list of passes and choose the Moroccan Pass "A Trip to Morocco". You can read more about Adding Passes in our help center by visiting

  • VeriFLY uses your "selfie" to generate a flash pass. Your data never leaves the device and only you determine with whom it is shared.