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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Read our Safar Flyer guide below.

You'll find the answers to your questions about Safar Flyer !

1 / How can I join Safar Flyer?

You can join online ! You can also get information about Safar Flyer and sign up in one of our Royal Air Maroc agencies. Make sure your address is complete: your first Safar Flyer card will be sent in the post.

2 / When will I receive my Safar Flyer Card?

Your card will be sent in an average period of one month after you save your first flight on your Safar Flyer account on Royal Air Morocco lines. Always give your Safar Flyer card number when purchasing your tickets, and when using the services of our partners.

3 / What are the features offered in the Safar Flyer section?

Convenient and easy to use, our section dedicated to Safar Flyer lets you securely access your personal space. Login using your Safar Flyer card number and PIN to access your information:

• Consult and update your profile,

• View all your activities,

•Consult your statement

• Ask for the regularization of your flights.

Request Safar Flyer bonuses

4 / I have forgotten the PIN code to access my account. What should I do?

Request your PIN online on our website: it will be sent to the e-mail address in the contact information on your Safar Flyer profile / indicated when you joined. Be sure to use a personal email address and update it if it changes.

You can also retrieve your PIN through your Royal Air Morocco agency or by contacting customer services.

Regularisation of flights made

1 / After I join, can I count my previous flights?

Yes, Safar Flyer offers you the opportunity to credit Royal Air Morocco flights made up to 6 months before you joined. Your regularization application can be done online on your personal space: you just fill in the form by entering the required information, found on the electronic ticket or boarding card (ticket numbers, flight numbers, origins / locations, etc.).

2 / How can I ensure that my miles are recorded on my account?

Systematicallypresent your Safar Flyer card number when buying your air tickets and when using the services of our partners.

Your miles will be automatically credited to your account. You can check your activities online on your personal space on our website.

Also, give your membership number upon arrival at our partner hotels and when preparing your lease with our car rental partners.

Important : Members of Safar Family and / or Corporate programs must submit their individual membership numbers.

3 / I forgot to show my Safar Flyer card. Can I claim the corresponding miles for voyages already made?

Yes, Safar Flyer gives you the opportunity to credit your flights made with Royal Air Morocco within six months from the date of your travels.


4 / One of my flights has not been credited to my Safar Flyer account. How do I claim my miles?

Log into your personal space online to request regularization and enter the information given on the electronic ticket or boarding card.

Claiming miles earned with our partners requires the agreement of the partner concerned. For more information, please refer to the activity regulation section for each partner.

So that your activities are recorded automatically on your account, always enter your Safar Flyer card number = when buying your plane ticket and when using the services of our partners.

5 / I have lost my Safar Flyer card. What should I do?

Contact Safar Flyer customer services (internet, mail or fax) for a duplicate card request.

If you are a Blue member:

If you are a Silver or Gold member:

A new card will be sent within 3-4 weeks of your application.

6 / My name is not written correctly on the card I received. What should I do?

Contact Safar Flyer Customer Services to give the correct spelling of your name. Please attach a copy of your passport.

If you are a Blue member:

If you are a Silver or Gold member:

A new card will be sent within 3-4 weeks of your application.

7 / I received 2 Safar Flyer cards with 2 different numbers. What should I do?

Send a copy of the 2 cards to Safar Flyer customer services, who will proceed with the merger of the accounts and inform you which card to keep and which card to destroy.

Benefits of individual cards

1 / I have a Safar Flyer Blue card. How do I progress to the Silver level and Gold level?

Progression to the Silver and Gold levels depends on miles or Status * flights that you earn during a calendar year (1stJanuary to 31st December) . Simply reach 20,000 Miles or 15 Status * flights to get the Silver level and 35,000 miles or 30 Status* flights for the Gold level.

* Counts on Royal Air Morocco flights only 

2 / What are the advantages of each card?

Discover the benefits of Safar Flyer cards on the Statutes and Benefitslink

3 / I have not received the Silver card, but I have accumulated 20,000 Status Miles in the past 2 years.

To access the privileged cards, Status Miles must be accumulated within a calendar year.

The thresholds must be met within one year, not two.

Safar Flyer bonuses

1 / What are the available bonuses?

You can use your miles in exchange for premium tickets, excess baggage bonuses, upgrades to Business class, change fee premium (for a change to purchased tickets), UM premium (accompanying minor child), etc. You also have the option to redeem your miles against premiums offered by our airline and non-airline partners.

See the Convert my Miles section for more information.

2 / What are the conditions for each bonus?

Below is an overview of the Safar Flyer bonuses conditions.

Table to be inserted

Premium applications are not cumulative.

3 / How can I benefit?

To receive bonuses according to the defined scale, simply make a request by filling out the " Premium applications " form on your personal space. 


1 / I'm not getting the Safar Flyer emails and newsletter.

Check that Safar Flyer emails are not marked as junk or spam mail in your email inbox.

Also thank you to verify that your email address is updated on your personal space "My Account " , if this is not the case , be sure to enter your new email address. If after doing this you still do not receive them, please contact your dedicated customer services team. If you change your email address, be sure to update it in your personal space.

2 / What is the difference between Premium Miles and Status Miles?

Premium Miles can be converted into many bonuses: bonus tickets, excess baggage premiums, premium upgrades to Business class, ...

Status Miles allow you to upgrade card status: Blue to Silver and then to Gold. They are accumulated in a calendar year exclusively on Royal Air Morocco lines.

3 / I made a flight with Iberia and the accumulated Miles in my account do not count as status miles. Is this a mistake?

The partnership between Iberia and Royal Air Morocco allows you to combine Premium Miles only. These Miles can however be converted into bonuses at any time.

4 / What is validity period of my Miles for the individual program?

Award Miles are valid for 3 years.


Corporate Membership program

1 / Can any company join the Corporate program?

Membership is permitted under the terms of the Corporate program available through the "Corporate Conditions" link.

Each Corporate account must contain at least one director and a minimum of 3 employees.

2 / Is the number of members per business limited?

No, the company can sign up as many employees as they wish.

Only employees aged between 20 and 65 years are eligible. A member of the individual Safar Flyer program can belong to only one Corporate account.

3 / How to add new employees to the Corporate Account?

Each new employee must first join the Safar Flyer program individually, directly on our website. The administrator of the Corporate account can then inquire and sign the attachment form for new employees and submit it to Safar Flyer, which may require supporting documents from the company represented by the Administrator for the members in the attachment form .


Regularization of flights

4 / What if a flight has not been credited to the Corporate account?

A request for regularization should be done by the employee or the Corporate program administrator directly on our website specifying the date, flight number and the Safar Flyer number of the employee.


1 / What is the validity of Miles accumulated on the Corporate account?

Corporate Account Miles are valid for a period of 2 years: Miles accrued in April 2014 therefore expire on 31st December 2016. Qualifying Miles are valid for their calendar year.

Be sure to enjoy your Miles before they expire!

For information about Safar Flyer Corporate , please contact us at

Safar Family Account

Joining the Safar Family program

1 / Why is my member ID different to the number on my Safar Family account?
Your Safar Family account number allows you as a guardian in particular to consult your balance, request Safar Flyer bonuses ...

Your Safar FLYER individual card account number is the one that you must give when booking your airline tickets to earn miles.

2 / Is the number of members limited per family?

Yes, you can register between 2 and 12 members of your family: grandparents, parents and children from 2 to 26 years.

NEW! Safar FLYER also allows you to integrate grandparents on the same family account!

3 / Can a single parent benefit from the Safar Family program?
Yes, any family consisting of one parent and at least one child between 2 and 26 can benefit.

Safar Family Cards

4 / I joined the Safar Family program 3 months ago and I still do not have a card, why?

By joining the Safar Family program, each family member keeps their personal Safar Flyer card, whatever the already acquired status (Blue, Silver, Gold, ...). The Safar Family program does not provide access to a physical card, it is a virtual account only.

The transition from one card to another level (Blue to Silver and then to Gold) depends on individual achievements in terms of flights and / or Status Miles, recorded by each member during the calendar year preceding the date of the expiration of the card.

Safar Family Program Benefits
5 / By opting for the Safar Family program, do I keep my Gold benefits?
Yes, by benefiting from the Safar Family Account, you chose to group your Miles and those of your family members onto one joint account for all the family to get faster access to Safar Flyer bonuses. Furthermore, access to Silver and Gold cards is based on Miles and Status collected from the 1st January to 31st December for each family member.

For information about Safar Flyer Family , please contact us at



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