What are the benefits of my Safar Flyer Gold card?

Enjoy the exclusivity of club Gold:

  • Enjoy double reward miles
  • Enjoy an additional luggage of up to 23kg
  • Access the VIP Lounge at the departure area in Morocco stops
  • Fast track on departure
  • Accédez au salon VIP au départ des escales Maroc
  • Fast track au départ.
  • Service Safar Flyer exclusivement dédié par téléphone et par email

Enjoy the exclusivity of club Gold!

Double reward miles

Enjoy an additional luggage of up to 23kg

Access the VIP Lounge at the departure area in Morocco stops

Fast track on departure

How can I keep my Gold card?

Take 30 (15 return) flights or fly 35,000 Status Miles in one calendar year, and you're guaranteed a Gold card the following year.

Be like Youssef and get exclusive benefits and a fast-track service through the airport!

Youssef is the director of a multinational company in Casablanca who travels all over the world as part of his job.

Take a look at his trip history:

  • 02 Casablanca - Cairo Return Trip 2,289 miles : 4,578 Status miles
  • 2 Casablanca - Berlin Return Trip: 3,362 Status miles
  • Casablanca - New York Return trip in Business class: 14,436 Status miles
  • Casablanca - Doha in Business class: 14,256 Status miles

That's a total of 36,632 Status Miles, taking Youssef up to the threshold of 35,000 Status Miles which means he gets promoted to a Gold flyer.

Each trip earns you 2 types of miles with their own unique advantages:

Type of miles How to use them? How to earn them? Validity period
Award Miles Exchange them for awards On RAM flights
With our airline and non-airline partners
Valid 3 years on an individual account
Status Miles Earn member status:
Blue, Silver, Gold
On RAM flights Valid 1 calendar year until 12/31 of each year

Gold Club

See the exclusive awards available to Gold Club members in pictures!

Advantages of our Safar Flyer cards

1 - Fast Track

Fast Track is a service offered to Gold members valid only on the departure stopover of their trip.

Fast Track is available to all our Gold members when they depart from the following destinations: New York, Tunis, Dakar, Montreal, Paris, London, Bologna, Madrid, Marseille, Casablanca, Marrakech, Geneva, Milan, Rome, Brussels, Barcelona, Munich , Zurich, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Nice, Lyon, Lisbon, Malaga, Istanbul, Cairo, Porto, Naples, Manchester.

Access to fast track is limited to members only.

Example: Younès, a businessman, has planned 3 business trips in his September agenda, including a Casablanca - Barcelona trip in economy class.

The Safar Flyer Gold card is a real advantage, Younès gains Time & Comfort:

As a Gold member, Younès saves time by benefiting from the check-in at the Business class counter and the Fast Track service (quick passage of the security check) that are offered to him from the Mohamed V airport in Casablanca. He also has access to the VIP lounge (Zenith I, Zenith II) that allows him to prepare his meetings in complete serenity, to eat and relax before the departure of his flight.
For his return flight from Barcelona, Younès will enjoy the same advantages: Check-in at the Business Class counter, Fast Track & Access to the lounge from Barcelona.
Advantages you get used to quickly!

2 - Advantages at booking

Blue Silver Gold
Safar Flyer service exclusively dedicated by phone and email
Priority treatment for calls in the call center

4 - Advantages for earning miles

Blue Silver Gold
Accumulated miles are converted into rewards
Accumulating miles with our partners
Extra Bonus Reward Miles on Royal Air Maroc flights 50% 100%

3 - Advantages at the airport

Blue Silver Gold
Check-in at the Business Class desk
Extra luggage offered

23 kg

(1 piece)

23 kg

(1 piece)
Free luggage protection with a plastic film during stopovers in Morocco (maximum 2 luggages)*
Access to VIP lounges at Casablanca Mohamed V airport (Zenith I, Zenith II) for international flights
Access to all contractual airport lounges served by Royal Air Maroc with a guest of your choice
Fast Track**
Priorit lugagge delivery

Earn miles with each flight that you can convert into travel rewards:

Miles tickets available with as little as 4750 miles, upgrade to Business class, upgrade your luggage allowance for free and so much more. I want rewards!

Earn miles with our countless Safar Flyer partners - and they're not just airlines! What are you waiting for? Find out who they are

As a Safar Flyer Blue member, you get priority treatment when you contact our call centre

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