Whether you fly with Royal Air Maroc or one of the oneworld alliance airlines, Safar Flyer allows you to earn miles regardless of your card level.

Whether you stay at one of our hotel partners or rent a car from our partners,  
Safar Flyer also allows you to earn miles on these activities!


Award Miles and Status Miles: Safar Flyer's currencies!  




Award Miles give you access to a number of benefits: award tickets, Business Class upgrades, excess baggage, etc.


Status Miles allow you to maintain your Safar Flyer status or upgrade to a higher status and attain access to other benefits.

Type of Miles How to use them? How to earn them? Validity
Award Miles Are used to earn awards On Royal Air Maroc flights.
On flights with our oneworld airline partners, Etihad Airways, and S7 Airlines. On activities booked with our non-airline partners.
Valid for 3 years on an individual Blue / Silver / Gold account.
Valid for 5 years on an individual Platinum account.
Valid for 5 years on a Family account.
Valid for 2 years on a Corporate account.
Status Miles Determining Member Status: Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum On Royal Air Maroc flights.
On flights operated by our oneworld airline partners.
Valables sur une année calendaire du 1er Janvier au 31 Décembre.


The mileage calculator and the Safar Flyer Award calculator allow you to determine the amount of Miles you earn on a Royal Air Maroc itinerary or the number of Miles needed to qualify for a Safar Flyer Award*.

*Awards: awards are travel benefits that you can access with your Award Miles: Award Ticket, Business Class Upgrade Award, Excess Baggage Award, Change of Date Award, or even the Unaccompanied Minor Award.

Earn Award Miles and Status Miles according to your travel class on Royal Air Maroc flights:

Travel class Booking class Award Miles Status Miles
Business J – C – D 200% 200%
I 200% 200%
U (UPGRADE) 100% 100%
Economy Y- B 120% 120%
H- K- M- L - V -S -N -Q -O -T- R –W- P- G 100% 100%
Booking classes without luggage (Wxbag – Pxbag – Rxbag) 0% 0%

Additional information:

  • Award tickets, Cash & Miles tickets, and no baggage fares do not earn Miles.
  • A bonus is offered for Safar Flyer card statuses: Silver, Gold, and Platinum
  • Earn Miles with your airline tickets

    Earn Award Miles for every flight you take with Royal Air Maroc or a partner airline.

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  • Always earn more

    Earn Miles while enjoying your travels by staying with our hotel partners or renting a car with our partners.

    Discover our non-airline partners
  • Earn more with your card status

    The more you travel with Royal Air Maroc, the more Status Miles you earn in order to access higher Safar Flyer card levels that will offer you a range of benefits throughout your trip.

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