Ticket flexibility

Considering the context of the Covid 19 pandemic, the commercial measures set up by Royal Air Maroc to support our passengers are still applicable, and now concern all tickets regardless of their date of issue.

Our clients still have the possibility to change freely the date of departure and the destination as many times as desired without penalties (tariff difference may apply). For passengers who don’t have visibility on their travel date, a voucher can be issued. The validity of the travel vouchers is 12 months and it is possible to get cash refund at the end of the validity period if the voucher is not used.

Below a summary of the provisions with the extension of eligibility for all tickets issued: Open in a new window

  • Targeted passengers: All the issued tickets issued, in all Royal Air Maroc network including canceled flights because of de COVID 19 authorities’ restrictions. Prime-tickets included.
  • Travel date: No restriction;
  • Ticket Change: unlimited changes of ticket date and destination, free of charge;
  • Conditions: change within the same fare class; (Tariff difference applicable in case of unavailability of the initial fare class or change of the destination)
  • flight deadline: until March 31,2022 (return date can be extended beyond this deadline to keep the same duration of the trip);
  • Voucher Refund: refund by nominal voucher valid 12 months from the date of its issue. The voucher is refundable in cash on the expiry date. The voucher is issued by travel agencies or our call center.
  • Cash Refund for tickets that are partially or not yet used, cash reimbursement is possible only at the same point of sale that issued the original ticket;
    Voucher issued by travel agencies are reimbursable only at the level of the issuing travel agency.
    Vouchers issued at Royal Air Maroc call center, whose initial tickets are issued at a travel agency level, are refundable at the agency issuing the initial ticket;
    Vouchers issued at Royal Air Maroc call center for a ticket initially issued at a Royal Air Maroc agency, the call center or the royalairmaroc.com site, are refundable at RAM call center.
    Reimbursement is made on the same card used for the purchase or, failing that, by bank transfer.
  • Fare conditions remain applicable