Magic Universe

Magic Universe is an on-board service for children from 0-12 years. For the delight of all ages, Royal Air Maroc has thought of everything to keep your children happy. Toys and games will help your children relax during the flight


When booking, please request your special meal 48 hours before departure


For unaccompanied children:
The information sheet and disclaimer need to be filled in by the person accompanying the unaccompanied minor (UM*). Documents are available in agencies.
After check-in, a Royal Air Maroc hostess will look after the unaccompanied minor and take them to the UM lounge
Once the child is under the care of Royal Air Maroc, we undertake to inform parents by telephone in case of illness, flight cancellation, irregularities, etc.
*UM = unaccompanied minor
**The UM lounge is only available in Casablanca airport


Boarding: Unaccompanied minors have priority boarding.
In the event of overbooking: an unaccompanied minor will not be disembarked.
Disembarking : Unaccompanied minors are disembarked last

A lounge for Unaccompanied Minors

The lounge is situated in the departure area after customs. It is equipped with :
- 2 TV screens
- 2 video games for children to play with
- Comfortable seating

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On board

-Aboard Royal Air Maroc, there is a special children's meal to cater for their tastes. Requests for special meals are available 48 hours before departure

Toys offered on board are adapted according to the age of the child :
- 0-2 years
- 7 to 12 years

On arrival

Throughout the Arrivals procedure, children are assisted by Royal Air Maroc staff who will hand them over to their families or to the person mentioned on the disclaimer.