Safar Flyer, more than a simple card…A whole travel experience!

Status Miles allow you to determine your Safar Flyer card status and thus the privileges you can benefit from.
They are granted based on flights carried out on Royal Air Maroc lines or other airlines of the oneworld alliance.
They allow members of the Safar Flyer program to progress towards a higher card status. They are calculated over a calendar year, preceding the expiration year of the Safar Flyer card.

How to reach a higher Safar Flyer card status

When you join the Safar Flyer program, you become a Blue member. You can reach a new higher status by earning the number of Status Miles or Status flights required for it with Royal Air Maroc or any other airline member of the oneworld alliance. Keep in mind that Miles are valid for one calendar year (from January 1 to December 31).

Required status miles to upgrade - 20 000 and at least 10 000 miles on RAM flights 35 000 Miles and at least 17 500 Miles on RAM flights 75 000 Miles and at least 37 500 Miles on RAM flights
Required status flights to upgrade - 15 status flights and at least 2 flights with RAM* 30 status flights and at least 10 flights with RAM* 75 status flights and at least 20 flights with RAM*
Required status miles to renew my status - 18 000 Miles and at least 10 000 Miles on RAM flights 32 000 Miles and at least 17500 Miles on RAM flights 70 000 Miles and at least 37500 Miles on RAM flights
Required status flights to renew my status - 13status flights and at least2 flights with RAM* 28 status flights and at least 10 flights with RAM* 70 status flights and at least20 flights with RAM*
Privileges oneworld





Priority treatment in the call center
Exclusive Safar Flyer full assistanceby phone and email 8am to 6pm 8am to 6pm 24/7
Reserve your favorite seat when you reserve your ticket
Transferable upgrade vouchers1 3 per year
Guaranteed seating in economy class on AT flights up to 24 hours before departure2
Earned miles are converted into Awards
Award Miles bonus3 50% 75% 100%
Miles Validity 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 5 Years
Business Class check-in
Additional luggage allowance 23kg
Free plastic film protection service accessible via our partner AMAN BAG
Access to Royal Air Maroc VIP lounges and partner lounges with 1 guest
Priority boarding
Fast Track passage on departure5 + 1 guest

1-In order to benefit from them, the Platinum member must make the request at least 72 hours before the trip by sending an email to the following address dedicated to Platinum members :
The conditions to benefit from upgrades are the following : Open in a new window

  • >Subject to availibility
  • Valid for one way, including 6th freedom
  • If the cancellation is made within 24hours before departure, the upgrade will not be returned
  • Valid 12 months after issue
  • Transferable
  • Limited to one use per flight

2-Conditions to guarantee seats 24 hours before departure : Open in a new window

  • The tariff class concerned: ECO full fare Y outside the home network, Business class excluded.
  • Request for a third party: Benefits are applicable only for Platinum members.
  • Flight eligibility: only on marketed and operated AT flights.
  • Period: Valid all year except during peak season (2).
  • Purchase channel: RAM Agency or call center.

3- Only on flights marketed and operated by Royal Air Maroc.
4- With plastic film (1 piece maximum for Gold members and 2 pieces maximum for Platinum members) from our partner Aman Bag available at stopovers: Casablanca, Agadir, Fès, Laayoune, Marrakech, Nador, Oujda, Rabat, Tanger, Beni Mellal and Dakhla.
5- Fast Track service available only in departure stopovers. Fast Track is offered to all our Platinum & Gold members from the following stopovers: New York, Tunis, Dakar, Montreal, Paris, London, Bologna, Madrid, Marseille, Casablanca, Marrakech, Geneva, Milan, Rome, Brussels, Barcelona, Munich, Zurich, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Nice, Lyon, Lisbon, Malaga , Istanbul, Cairo, Porto, Naples, Manchester.
NB : Only Business class travelers can benefit from Fast track service on the departure and arrival stopovers of their trip.
Example : Jean Baptiste, a business man who has planned 3 business trips in his September Agenda including one trip Casablanca – Barcelona on economy class.
The Safar Flyer Platinum card is a real plus, Jean Baptiste wins time and comfort.
Being a Platinum member, Jean Baptiste wins time by profiting from Business class check-in and Fast track service (Rapid passage at security control) which are offered at departure of the airport Mohamed V of Casablanca. Furthermore, He benefits from VIP access to lounges (Zenith I, Zenith II) which allows him to prepare his meetings in all serenity, to eat and relax before the departure of his flight. For his return flight from
Barcelona, Jean Baptiste will benefit from these same advantages: Business class check-in, Fast track service & Access to VIP lounges in Barcelona. Advantages, you quickly get used to.
Fast track service is reserved to the member only. Access to the Fast Track is reserved for the Platinum member and a guest of their choice from Morocco. Open in a new window

Compare your Safar Flyer card privileges on oneworld flights

As a oneworld passenger, every trip brings you a panoply of benefits. Your Safar Flyer Blue status is recognized by all the member airlines of the alliance. And you can benefit from advantages, provided according to the following oneworld categories, whatever the class chosen for your trip. Open in a new window

1- oneworld status equivalence

Safar Flyer members obtain a corresponding oneworld status which offers them recognition and benefits on all oneworld flights. Open in a new window

Safar Flyer Status oneworld equivalent status
Platinum Emerald
Gold Sapphire
Silver Ruby

oneworld Advantages

Blue Silver Gold Platinum
Oneworld privileges RUBY SAPPHIRE EMERALD
Earn status Miles and award Miles on all oneworld flights
Convert Award Miles into Award flights on all oneworld flights
Access to priority check-in in Business class counter2
Priority on waiting lists
Access to preferential seats or advance seats reservation
Additional luggage allowance
Access to Business class lounges + 1 guest + 1 guest
Priority luggage handling
Priority boarding
Access to priority check-in in First class counter
Fast Track + 1 guest
Access to ckeck-in in Business class counter

1- Access to the choice or pre-reservation of the seat in accordance with the policy of the oneworld member airline operating the flight.
2- Check-in counters and lounges dedicated to First Class and Business Class are not available at all airports.
3- Priority queues are not available at all airports.
4- oneworld benefits are only allowed to passengers who travel on regular flights marketed and operated by oneworld member airline:
a. Marketed: means that a flight number of the oneworld airline member must figure on your ticket.
b. Operated: means that the operating air carrier must be a oneworld airline member.

Certain restrictions and exceptions might be applied. For more information, consult the following website:

Discover more Safar Flyer advantages:

- All Safar Flyer card advantages are maintained on flights marketed and operated by Royal Air Maroc : Open in a new window

  • Plastic-wrapping service for luggage by AMAN for Silver, Gold & Platinum status.
  • Fast track at the departure for Safar Flyer Gold members.
  • An additional luggage allowance is maintained for Safar Flyer Silver members.
  • Le bonus des miles supplémentaires
  • Le bonus des miles supplémentaires

Take advantage of a number of advantages if available, when traveling with Fiji Airways as a « oneworld connect » partner: Open in a new window

Priority check-in Available Available Available Available Available Available
Priority boarding Not available Not available Available Available Available Available