Essential Classic Eco Flex Serenity Business Essential Business Flex Business Serenity
Checked baggage
Hand Baggage
Change permitted Not allowed Not allowed* With fees With fees
Refund permitted Not allowed Not allowed With fees Not allowed With fees
Seat selection Not allowed Not allowed With restrictions
Miles 0 miles 100% 100% 120% 200% 200% 200%

Eco Essential

What if the most important thing was to travel ... Thanks to the Eco essential option you can take advantage of the most cost-efficient offer, including one hand-luggage and a meal on board.

Eco Classic

Collect Safar Flyer Miles and benefit from all the traditional services of our company including a 23 kg checked baggage, a cabin baggage and a meal on board... for comfortable trips at an attractive price.

Eco Flex

The unexpected happens quickly. Luckily with Eco Flex, your ticket is flexible and may be refunded with a small penalty. You can choose your seat from any seats that have not been pre-allocated ; you can earn more Safar Flyer miles (125%) while you can still enjoy the company's traditional services: checked baggage, carry on luggage and on board meals.

Eco Serenity

Treat yourself to the most relaxing cheap option. You have the option to cancel or alter your ticket as you wish without any charge! You have priority in the choice of your seat and you accumulate more miles (150%). All this combined with your checked baggage, your carry- on luggage and the meal on board ... and you travel peacefully.

Business Essential

With the Business Essential package, you get the benefits of a low-cost business class, including priority check-in, carry-on baggage, checked baggage, VIP access, 200% mileage and seat selection. And you always have the choice to modify your ticket under conditions.

Business Flex

Enjoy the comfortable business class seats, access to the fast track lane and save time with priority luggage delivery, relax in the VIP Lounge and earn twice as many miles (200). All this with the possibility to alter or cancel your reservation subject to conditions.

Business Serenity

The unexpected also happens at work. And to remedy this, choose the Business Serenity option with the possibility to alter or cancel your ticket without any charge. All the services are obviously included: fast track, priority luggage delivery, access to VIP lounge and double number of miles (200%). Simply enjoy the best experience on board our flight in our company.

To and from the United States


If you need to change your travel dates, Royal Air Maroc will fully refund your ticket purchase price if you cancel up to 24 hours after the reservation was made provided your reservation was made for a flight scheduled to depart at least seven days (168 hours) prior to departure.

However, if you rebook your reservation, you will be required to pay any difference in fare if the ticket is no longer available at the same price and your ability to rebook will be subject to seats remaining available.


Royal Air Maroc will refund a purchased ticket with a full refund without penalty up to 24 hours after reservation for reservations made seven days (168 hours) or more prior to the flight’s scheduled departure. This policy applies to refundable as well as non-refundable fares.