Main baggage

card For smooth and fast boarding, it is important that your cabin baggage complies with the procedures in force. It is controlled at two levels, at check-in and at boarding.

For your comfort and safety, cabin baggage must fit under the seat or be stored in the luggage compartment. They must also be well packaged.

Standard cabin baggage transported according to the free allowance for baggage carried by RAM:

  • Length + width + height which does not exceed 115 cm (length: 55cm, width: 40cm, height: 20cm)
  • Max weight: 10 Kg

You are advised to carry any necessary medication with you during the trip, as well as valuables such as laptops, mobile phones, electronic diaries, personal documents, identity papers, jewellery...


Items acquired in the duty free area, in addition to the standard

Exceptional items which may require a prior agreement, notifications or specialized screening requirements or additional costs (pets, portable electronic concentrators ...)

Special cases, pets:

o Blind or deaf dog, properly muzzled and harnessed
o Dog as emotional and / or psychiatric support
o Domestic animals (dog or cat) weighing 5 kg or less, enclosed in a crate, basket or special bag with ventilation holes
o Small tame birds locked in a cage covered with cloth

Devices requiring an electrical supply:

o Electric respirator with regulator
o Cardiac defibrillator

For this, it is necessary to provide the following information: the make and reference of the device, the dimensions and the weight. A sufficient number of batteries is required to cover 150% of the flight time.

Articles of dangerous goods permitted only in cabin baggage.

Regulations in the cabine for the flights from Morocco towards USA

Unauthorized items in cabine (Must be registered in hold)

All the powdery substances greater than or equal to 350 ml

  • Cosmetic products
  • Powdered milk
  • Ground coffee
  • Spices
  • Flour
  • Sugar

Authorized items in cabine

  • Powdered substances less than 350 ml
  • Medically prescribed substances
  • Duty Free products placed in a bag properly sealed
  • Infant formula

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