A new brand message, carrying forward our mission and our ambitions!

Royal Air Maroc is revealing a new, ambitious and unifying brand discourse, directly linked to our ambition to provide our customers and partners with the finest air travel experience in Africa and around the world.
This new discourse proudly expresses our Moroccan and African identity and our aspiration to be the reference airline across our continent.

Our mission: Unveiling the potential of our country and our continent

Africa is the continent of tomorrow, a continent with immense potential, particularly in economic, technological, cultural, and human terms.
Royal Air Maroc actively contributes the valorisation of this potential through our network, connecting Africa and the rest of the world through our Casablanca hub, our diverse and expert staff, and a customer journey that showcases the best of Morocco and Africa.

Our ambition : Contributing to a strong, talented Africa

- Strengthening our network that connects Africa with the rest of the world.

- Supporting artistic, cultural, sporting and economic events.

- Investing in social and societal causes.

- Offering a unique experience and services steeped in the rich Moroccan and African cultures.

Our service reflects our mission: Bringing you the best of Morocco and Africa.

- A warm welcome and exceptional hospitality.
- Unmatched generosity.
- Creative passion and constant innovation.

Our aim is to shine a light on Morocco and Africa aboard our planes and around the world.

Our communication campaign: An invitation to recognise or rediscover the potential of our Kingdom and continent.

To mark this change, Royal Air Maroc has launched a large-scale, innovative, and captivating communication campaign. It is designed as an invitation to rediscover the continent's strengths that contribute to make it shine: passion, global openness, hospitality, creativity, and innovation.
Supported by an original and innovative production, the communication campaign invites you to embark on a world of opportunities, creativity, and conviviality; a world where humanity is at the heart of development, and where Royal Air Maroc contributes to the continent's growth and supports its talents.

The Brand Film: A dynamic creation where art blends our ambition for the future and our proud heritage

A genuine human and artistic adventure, the creation of this new campaign reflects our vision of the continent. The brand film stands out for its dynamism and freshness. The vibrant styling reflects our culture: warm, vibrant, and creative. The music, specially composed for the film, combines contemporary electronic rhythms with traditional African and Moroccan sounds, representing the pride of our origins and our projection into the future. The choice of words and rhymes adds a touch of poetry, all in rhythm, like a journey marked by discoveries. The narrative, carried by slam poetry, symbolizes the company's commitment and determination.

Supported by numerous and surprising production effects, this film is a patchwork of creations, a mosaic of creativity, a testimony to the multiple passions and ambitions of our country and continent.



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