IATA Travel Pass is a mobile app that helps you to store and manage your verified certifications for COVID-19 tests; it also allows you to create a digital version of your test results on your phone and speed up your check-in at the airport.

You can be a part of the a pilot to test the usage of IATA TRAVEL PASS Solution on selected Royal Air Maroc flights departing from Montreal to Casablanca, from August 26 until September 12, 2021.(The tests are currently stopped due to the suspension of flights following the decision of the Canadian authorities)


For a fast check-in !

                                                                                                                                                 How does IATA TRAVEL PASS work?                                                                              


App configuration

Download the Application and configurate your digital profil.

Tests & results

Share your Data with the partner laboratories below and receive your test results in the application.

At the Airport

Present your IATA TRAVEL PASS and benefit from a fast check-in service.

On arrival

Present your IATA TRAVEL PASS and benefit from a fast service at the airport.


Download IATA TRAVEL PASS on :

Who can use the IATA Travel Pass app?

If you are flying from Montreal to Morocco with Royal Air Maroc and you receive an invitation email to use IATA Travel Pass app which is currently available on iOS and Android Stores.
To be a part of the trial, you should also configure your application step by step and book your PCR Test in the participating laboratories at Canada listed below.
Remember to print a copy of your PCR certificate results which may be needed by the immigration authorities during your trip.


Book your PCR test in Canada

To use IATA Travel Pass, you can choose from the participating labs below in Canada

Laboratory RT PCR Test Price Address and appointment link
CDL laboratoires DECARIE 150 $ CA Code Promo : IATA2021 Here
Montréal – ELNA Médical Centre Ville 150 $CA Here
Montréal – ELNA Médical Decarie Square 150 $CA Here
Laval – ELNA Médical 150 $CA Here
Longueuil - ELNA Medical 150 $CA Here
Pierrefonds - ELNA Medical 150 $CA Here
Toronto - ELNA Medical 200 $CA Here
Ottawa - ELNA Medical 200 $CA Here
Québec - ELNA Medical Ottawa 200 $CA Here

Before heading to the lab, please make sure to:

  • 1. Download the IATA Travel Pass application and create your profile by following the steps provided.
  • 2. Bring your passport to the laboratory (to validate your ID Picture)
  • 3. Once at the laboratory, introduce yourself as a Royal Air Maroc participant of the IATA Travel Pass application Trial.

 IATA Travel Pass App FAQs

How can I find out more about IATA Travel Pass?

If you would like to learn more about IATA Travel Pass please visit https://www.iata.org/en/youandiata/travelers/iata-travel-pass-for-travelers/

What happens to the data I have shared?

The data you share is only used for the purpose you agree to at the time of sharing it and is deleted afterwards. If you would like to know more refer to the data privacy policy of the partner you shared the data with.

Who can access my data?

No one can access or share your data except you! If you choose not to share your data, no one will have access to it. When you choose to share your data with a partner, only that partner has access to that data.

Where is my data stored?

All your information is stored on your phone, and IATA doesn’t save or even have access to your passport data. When you share your data with a partner, the data is encrypted and sent directly from your phone to the partner. They only use it for the purpose you agree to and delete the data afterwards.

Why can't I find my airline in the IATA Travel Pass application?

When adding your flight, you can see the list of airlines partners of IATA Travel Pass. If you do not find your airline there it is that they have not joined yet. Also, if you have two airlines in your reservation make sure you select the airline that sold you the ticket (marketing carrier)

How do I load my trips?

You can load your flights by clicking on the "YOUR FLIGHTS" section of the App by selecting your airline and your day of travel.

Why can't I scan my passport?

You need to have an ePassport. If your passport does not contain an electronic chip, then you cannot use the application yet. If you your passport has a chip, it will have a chip icon on the lower half of the front cover If you have a French or German passport, currently you can use the IATA Travel Pass application only if you have an iPhone 7 (and above).

How do I add my passport?

Open your passport on the photo page. Scan the two lines of characters at the bottom of the page as prompted by the app. If you cannot scan these lines you can also manually enter the details. Then place your open passport behind the phone so it can read the passport chip. If the application does not manage to read the passport chip, then move the passport to a different place at the back of the phone. The chip is not in the same place for all passports, this is why you may need to move the phone/passport to be able to read the chip in your passport

Where can I find the code for the IATA Travel Pass application?

The codes are sent by email to all passengers invited to test the IATA Travel Pass.

How do I use the IATA Travel Pass application?

To use the IATA Travel Pass application, you need to have an ePassport and a compatible phone. Once downloaded, you can create your digital identity and load your flights by: 1. Taking a selfie and a short video of your face 2. Scanning your passport 3. Loading your trips 4. Following the instructions given by the notifications presented on your phone The IATA Travel Pass application is currently available on: • App Store for iPhone 7 (and above) • Play Store for Android 6.0 (and above)

Who can use the IATA Travel Pass application?

The Trial of the IATA Travel Pass application concerns the travellers departing from Montreal to Casablanca who have received an invitation email to test the IATA Travel Pass health passport.

How does it work?

When you scan the QR code at the clinic this establishes a secured connection between the IATA Travel pass app on your phone and the clinic. This connection is used for the clinic to validate your digital identity and send the test result directly to your phone when the lab completes the analysis. The application then validates the test result against the travel rules for your itinerary to let you know if the test meets the requirements. You can then show the attestation that you are ready to fly to your airline to speed up the airport verification process.

Why should I use the IATA Travel Pass application?

The IATA Travel Pass app is an industry initiative enabling you to securely share your passport details and COVID-19 results with clinics, airline, airport and immigration authorities. This means you can avoid having to hand over your physical documents such as your COVID-19 test result saving time at airport check points If your phone is lost or stolen, no one can access your electronic passport details!

What is the IATA Travel Pass application?

The IATA Travel Pass application is a mobile application that enables you to create a digital version of your passport on your mobile phone. You can then securely share your passport details with clinics so that they can verify your digital identity before sending back your electronic COVID-19 test result. The test result is then validated against the travel rules enabling you to show and share evidence that you are fit to fly.