In case of non-delivery of luggage on arrival, please contact the "baggage assistance" service of the arrival airport to establish a report of baggage irregularity. You will receive a copy with a reference number to keep, in order to ensure the follow-up of the file

Check the status of your delayed baggage here

If the baggage is not returned within 5 days of the finding, we invite you to follow the steps below:

If the baggage is not delivered within 21 days of the finding, it is considered lost

You will therefore have to send a complaint to customer service by attaching the following copies:

  • The baggage identification stub (TAG)
  • The report of irregularity established at the airport upon your arrival (PIR)
  • The detailed and encrypted inventory letter of the contents of your luggage as well as the invoices for the items mentioned.
  • The additional baggage check if you have paid excess baggage