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Passengers with reduced mobility

Royal Air Maroc pays particular attention to passengers with reduced mobility and ensures optimum comfort, safety and support during the trip.

We request that you inform us in advance regarding any disability you have and the level of assistance you require so that we can best accommodate your needs.

New U.S. regulations for the transport of passengers with reduced mobility

Royal Air Maroc offers a wide range of services tailored to your needs (motor/auditory/visual or mental) to facilitate each step of your trip: booking, boarding and disembarkation with the help of our dedicated staff, services and assistance on board.

These services are available when travelling on Royal Air Maroc flights to and from the United States.

New U.S. regulations:

The new U.S. regulation 14 CFR 382 applies to all flights departing or arriving from the New York airport (JFK). The airports concerned are :

Mohammed V Airport (CMN) at Terminal 3 for departures and at Terminal 2 for arrivals. New York Airport (JFK) at Terminal 1. A copy of the entire regulations can be consulted free of charge (on request). You can also view the rules by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.


To guarantee assistance tailored to your needs during your trip, please indicate your need for assistance at least 48 hours before departure.
After this period, we cannot guarantee the provision of appropriate services.

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Dou you need any special attendance request?

Royal Air Maroc provides a personalized service according to your needs. Reduced mobility, blindness or partial blindness, deafness or partial deafness, etc.

Medical clearance

  • - The wheelchair request service is available on all Royal Air Maroc flights (domestic and international network), in all travel classes.
  • - If you are obliged to travel lying down, please book for a stretcher.
  • - From 10 passengers travelling on wheelchairs, a clearance to be delivered by the Company will be required: for more information, visit your agency or contact our call centre.


  • - The provision of a wheelchair by Royal Air Maroc is free.
  • - Items needed for your mobility (such as wheelchairs, a pair of crutches, orthopaedic devices) will also be transported free of charge in the hold provided they meet the standards in terms of volume, weight, size (know more).


  • For some types of devices and chairs, the number of cabin seats is limited. Book this service well in advance to benefit from it.


  • For easy access, we will endeavour to put you on a seat with removable armrests.


  • When booking and to prepare for your trip calmly, our Royal Air Maroc staff is entirely at your disposal to provide you with all the information : location of seats with movable armrests, unallocated seats, limitations on the possibility of loading mobility equipment or other aids, in the cabin or in the aircraft hold including the loading of wheelchairs.


  • If your request was made at least 48 hours before departure, our special assistance service will help you in your movements and proceed to check you in with your luggage and mobility equipment.
  • - Reporting time: we recommend that you report at least 90 minutes before the close of check-in, so as to arrange the assistance you need.
  • Priority check-in :
  • You will benefit from priority check-in. Report to one of the check-in counters of your travel class. If you are a holder of our Safar Flyer Ambassador / Gold / Silver card, you will be checked in at the Business class counter.
  • At the Casablanca Hub, report to the “Special Assistance” area if you checked in at Terminal 1: you will be assisted by our dedicated staff for all necessary check-in formalities.

Checked baggage

  • In addition to your baggage allowance authorised on your ticket, you can carry free of charge in the hold: a wheelchair (consult the acceptance conditions) or any other orthopaedic device, which will be delivered to you first.
  • - In case of loss or damage of your wheelchair or mobility aid equipment, you shall be covered in accordance with the regulations in force. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance suitable for the equipment you are carrying.

Cabin baggage

  • In addition to your cabin baggage (which should not exceed 10 kg and the dimensions must not exceed 55 x 35 x 25 cm), you can transport free of charge a device such as a POC: oxygen concentrator for respiratory failure or prosthetic device. Walking sticks / crutches are also accepted as cabin baggage.

Wheelchairs reservation

Is your mobility reduced? We provide wheelchairs in the airports we serve. Our dedicated staff is available to assist you in your movements from the check-in area until you board the plane. To allow our staff to provide the best possible service, please request the wheelchair service when booking at least 48 hours before departure.

Consult all the necessary information below. 3 categories of wheelchairs are available:

- WCHR (Ramp) - You can move alone, climb / go downstairs and move in the cabin.

- WCHS (Steps) - You can move alone in the cabin but you cannot climb or go downstairs.

- WCHC (Cabin) - You cannot move alone.

Wheelchairs requirements

With spillable battery / dry battery

  • The battery can remain attached to the wheelchair or mobility device but in this case it must be securely fastened. The battery terminals do not need to be disconnected if they are already put in a battery container, or isolated to avoid any short-circuit.

With non spillable battery / wet battery

  • The battery can remain attached to the wheelchair / mobility device or be removed when the vertical position of the chair cannot be guaranteed throughout the process.

Non disassembled non spillable battery

  • When the battery is not removed, it must be securely attached to the wheelchair or the mobility device. The terminals must be disconnected and covered with an adhesive tape to avoid any short-circuit

Disassembled non spillable battery

  • When separated from the chair, the wet battery must be placed in a vertical position in a solid, rigid and fluid-tight battery packaging. Inside, the battery must be protected from any short circuit and surrounded by a sufficiently absorbent material to soak up all the liquid it contains.

With lithium batteries

  • They should be removed in all cases and kept protected in the cabin under your care.

With liquid batteries

  • Liquid batteries can only be transported if they are used to power a wheelchair. If your mobility aid uses a liquid battery, we may be forced to remove it for safety reasons during transportation. To simplify our task, do not hesitate to bring the manufacturer's instructions with you to the airport.

Travelling with your own wheelchair or assistive device

To keep your wheelchair safely once entrusted at check-in, you must take some precautions:

- When booking, you will be informed by our Royal Air Maroc staff of the terms and conditions of acceptance of personal chairs: by type of chairs, depending on battery type (dry or wet / Lithium or not), size (length * width * height).

- Royal Air Maroc accepts wheelchairs, motorised or not, as well as mobility assistance devices, provided they comply with the regulations in force regarding the dimensions.

- To prevent any accidental use, please carry along the wheelchair manufacturer's instructions with you to the airport.

- Your presence or that of your companion is required for dismantling and reassembling your device.

- Irrespective of the type of your electric wheelchair, you must register it as a luggage when checking -in.

You can if necessary have your personal wheelchair until boarding. It will then be returned to you when your luggage is being delivered. Loading your wheelchair in the aircraft hold must meet certain requirements, in accordance with air transport regulations in force

Travel info and tips

Before travel

  • It is preferable to go to the airport well in advance to calmly go through the check-in formalities. This applies particularly to foreign airports if you have never been there. It is recommended to report at the airport at least 02 hours before your departure time


  • Once you have checked in, our staff will assist you from the customs formalities until you board the plane.
  • To enable you sit comfortably and put your equipment in racks reserved for this purpose, you will be pre - boarded except there is an operational necessity. We will make a priority boarding announcement at the boarding gate.

On board

  • Our crew will be at your disposal if you need help to :
  • - Keep your hand luggage when boarding
  • - Moving between your seat and the toilet
  • - During meals, for the opening of certain containers and food identification
  • Our crew is not authorized to administer injections or drugs.
  • Meals: if the request was made when booking, a special meal adapted to your diet (food without salt, sugar etc.) will be served you first.
  • Wheelchairs, called "cabin transfer chairs "are available on board some of our aircrafts to facilitate your movements from the cabin to / from the toilet. Please ask our crew.
  • Walking sticks / crutches should be kept under your seat before takeoff and landing. They should be laid flat on the ground, without blocking the passage or emergency exits.


  • Upon arrival, you will be assisted by our staff to leave the plane last.
  • If this was requested when booking, you will be assisted by a dedicated agent who will retrieve your checked baggage and your mobility equipment, which will be delivered first.
  • You will also be escorted until you leave the airport.
  • If you have to continue on another flight to your destination, if you are using a multi-leg (end to end) ticket, a dedicated agent will accompany you to the connecting flight area until you are taken over by the dedicated agent of the onward flight company.
  • NB: For aircrafts on remote stand, an ambulift have to be used for passengers embarkation

In transit

  • If you have to continue on another flight to your destination, if you are using a multi-leg (end to end) ticket, a dedicated agent will accompany you to the connecting flight area until you are taken over by the dedicated agent of the onward flight company.
  • Short transit: The commercial operating agent assist you from the arrival to the boarding lounge through the transit service according to the type of assistance (R or C or S)
  • Long transit: The commercial operating agent assist you to the type of assistance (R or C or s) from the arrival to the waiting lounge or the hotel. You will recovered by commercial operating agent to finalize the process of the transit.

Assistance service

Contact email

Contact our special assistance service via email


00212 522 48 97 51
*Cost of a local call if it's a national call

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday. From 9 am to 6 pm.