On board

Information on board

  • Are you are visually or hearing impaired? You will be given timely information, the same as the other passengers: take-off and landing procedures, information concerning flight security, flight delays/diversions, programmes or aeroplane changes which will affect reduced mobility passengers, weather conditions at arrival, information on services on board (drinks and menus) and boarding gates for connections.

Safety briefings

  • Are you deaf and/or blind and require an explanation of the security briefings? Royal Air Maroc conducts individual and discreet security briefings, for those who need more help in understanding them.

Assistance on board

  • To guarantee a stress free trip, our crew can provide the following services on board to ensure that your trip is as enjoyable as possible: assisting movement to and from seats, assistance in preparation of meals (opening packets and identification of food), assistance in getting to the toilet (with or without the presence of a cabin wheelchair), assistance in storage and retrieval of hand luggage (including aid items during the flight).
  • Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Assistance dogs

  • With Royal Air Maroc your service dog can travel with you in the cabin for free, subject to certain conditions:
  • If the animal can not be accommodated at your feet, you will be offered another seat where the animal can be accommodated. Our staff will make sure that your animal stays with you, whichever seat you occupy, unless the animal obstructs an emergency exit.
  • Additional conditions can be found at “Travel With Animals.”

Transport of articles on board

  • Royal Air Maroc permits you to take with you on board the items listed below, provided they can be stored in accordance with the rules of safety and security regarding dangerous materials:
  • - Manual Wheelchairs (collapsible and/or can be dismantled).
  • - Walking sticks, crutches, walkers.
  • Items for use on board:
  • - Prescription Drugs.
  • - Medical instruments (syringes, auto-injectors)
  • - Instruments for vision assistance.
  • - Portable oxygen concentrators.
  • If you plan to use an electronic medical device during the flight, please contact Royal Air Maroc no later than 48 hours before departure to determine the required number of batteries for your flight. You can also view the rules by clicking on the following link.

Our special services

  • Pregnant women and babies

    Pregnant women and babies are accepted on Royal Air Maroc lines up to the eighth month of pregnancy at the beginning of their trip. The passenger must be provided with a medical certificate.

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  • Unattendace minors

    Is your child travelling alone? At the airport, on board or by connecting flight, our Royal Air Maroc staff will assist him and ensure his safety and comfort. We will take all necessary measures to ensure your child travels in comfort.

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  • Reduced mobility attendance

    Royal Air Maroc pays particular attention to passengers with reduced mobility and ensures optimum comfort, safety and support during the trip. We request that you inform us in advance regarding any disability.

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