• Visa

    Available in all the markets

  • Mastercard

    Available in all countries

  • American Express

    Available in : USA, UK, Canada, France, Belgium, Spain, Italie, Hollande, Portugal, Germany, Swiss, Morocco, Turkey, Senegal, Tunisia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

  • iDeal

    Available in Netherlands only.

  • UATP

    Available in all countries except Morocco

  • Maestro

    Available in all countries

  • Wafacash

    Morocco an Senegal

  • Fatourati

    Available in Morocco only

  • Le paiement en 3X4X Oney par carte bancaire

    The 3x4x Oney payment corresponds to a payment facility available on the French market.

  • CMI

    Available in Morocco only by choosing payment with a Moroccan card

  • Bancontact

    Available only in Belgium

  • Paypal

    Available in the following markets : France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Holland, UK, US, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Morocco and Brazil.

Multi-channel payment on the Royal Air Maroc website

This method of payment is available in Morocco for bank account holders at the following services 

  • ChaabiNet.
  • Attijarinet
  • Attijari Mobile.
  • CIH Net.
  • CIH Mobile.
  • CAM Online.
  • BMCE direct.
  • CFG Bank Mobile.
  • SGMA Mobile.

How it works?

  • Log in royalairmaroc.com (Desktop version).
  • Choose Morocco as the main market or from any market by choosing a departure city in Morocco.
  • Then choose the option "payment in dirhams" at the booking engine

At the time of payment, you must choose option 2 "Payment via banking channels" to use this new multichannel payment option. At this point, you can change and decide to pay by credit card by entering your credit card information and choosing option 1.

You will be redirected to the booking confirmation page which summarizes the elements of your booking. This will automatically cancel if you do not pay within 2 hours.

You receive by email the payment reference "Fatourati", it is a unique code.

In this case, you must log into the website or mobile application of your bank, look for Royal Air Maroc on the list of merchants and finally enter the unique payment code that you received by email. 

What advantages do I have?

The multi-channel eBanking (and mBanking) payment offers the ability to bypass the limitations and issues of credit card ceilings. Transactions via this new channel can exceed 30,000 DH per transaction.

So you can shop online safely regardless of the amount.