Following all the world's major airlines, Royal Air Maroc has introduced service fees that are charged according to the service provided for the customer. The ticket price includes the price of the flight, to which is added any additional charges, airport charges and service fees. Service charges are per ticket per passenger.

Service fees will vary depending on the destination and point of sale selected

Each point of sale offers a specific service: : Available 24h/7, fast with great e-services, e-news information on current promotions and plenty of advantages.

Royal Air Maroc agency: personalized service

Call centers: Available 24/7, advice

Special service fees

Description Fees
Infants (0-2 years old) Accompanied infant If the baby doesn’t take up a seat, the fee is 10% of the fare paid by the accompanying person If the infant takes up a seat, the rate is the same as for children from 2 to 12 years old
Children (2 to 12 years old) Magic Universe: special care, children’s meals as well as a choice of toys Reduction applied to the adult fare Same fare as a normal adult single fare
Accompanied children or infants (0 to 12 years old) Assistance at the airport, on board and during connections Ensure the safety and comfort of your child If there are several children under the age of 8 in the same family, only the eldest will be issued a ticket at the normal adult single rate.
Unaccompanied children (2 to 12 years old) UM (Unaccompanied Minor: 4-8 years old): under the constant care of staff from check-in to the final destination 50 EUROS per booking for a direct flight 100 EUROS for a flight with connection

Administrative costs

To Morocco From Morocco
Booking fee for ticket issued in agency 60 $ / 15 £ / 25 € 480 dhs (economy) 960 dhs ( premium )
Telephone booking fees Morocco to Morocco: 60 dhs (economic) 120 dhs (business) France to Morocco / Other destinations: 10 € Italy to Morocco: 30 € / Other destinations: 40 € Spain to Morocco: 30 € (economic) € 40 (business) Spain to another destination: € 50 (eco) € 70 (business) Switzerland to Morocco: 40 CHF / Other destinations: 60 CHF Netherlands to Morocco / Other destinations: 20 € Germany / Belgium to Morocco: 20 € / Other destinations: 30 € England to Morocco: 15GBP / Other destination: GBP 20 Canada to Morocco / Other destination: CAD 20 USA to Morocco / Other destinations: USD 20 to Europe 100/260/360 dhs (economic) 720dhs (business) to Algiers / Tunis: 240 dhs (economic) 480 dhs (business) Other destinations to 480 dhs (economic) 960dhs (busines
Online booking fees* 5 € 50 dhs

* except for Brazil, the United States and Senegal.