Royal Air Maroc Customer Service Plan

Royal Air Maroc intends to ensure that your air travel experience will encompass, to the best of our abilities, the most comprehensive customer service possible. We have outlined our responsibilities and how we will fulfill them in key points below, known as our Customer Service Plan.

The Royal Air Maroc Customer Service Plan applies only to bookings for transportation to or from the USA.

1. Offering the lowest fare available

We will offer our lowest fares on Our telephone reservation system and airport ticket counters in the US will offer the lowest published fare for which you are eligible, which may not be as low as the fares offered on Customers calling our reservations office or visiting our ticket offices or counters to purchase a ticket will be advised that lower fares may be available on the Internet.

2. Notifying consumers of known delays, cancellations, and diversions

We will provide full and timely information on the status of known delays, cancellations, and diversions within 30 minutes after we become aware of such a change by:

- Providing flight status information via our telephone reservation system, on and via our SMS, email and telephone subscription flight status notification services.
- Providing, through our gate agents at US airports, consistent and timely updates in the boarding gate area.
- Updating flight status displays and other sources of flight information under our control at US airports and provide flight status updates to U.S. airports that accept such information for airport-controlled display systems.

3. Delivering baggage on time

It is our intention to deliver your baggage on time. However, in the event that this does not occur, we will make every reasonable effort to return your baggage within 15 or 30 hours consistent with the requirements of 14 CFR 260.5. If upon arrival you have not been able to pick up your baggage, go to Baggage Services to fill out a declaration. The information you give will be immediately entered into

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the worldwide baggage search system. A file number will be issued and your will be able to monitor what is happening over the Internet. Unless otherwise stated, for international travel governed by the Montreal Convention, liability for damages for delayed, lost or damaged baggage is limited to a maximum of 1,131 Special Drawing Rights per person. We will reimburse any fee charged to a passenger to transport a bag if that bag is lost or significantly delayed and we will compensate passengers for reasonable expenses that result from a delay in delivery as required by the Montreal Convention.

4. Providing prompt ticket refunds

For all tickets to and from the United States for which we are the merchant of record, refunds of fares and ancillary service fees will be issued automatically in all cases where we cancel or significantly delay your flight and you do not accept alternative transportation or compensation as provided in 14 CFR Part 260.

Refunds will be provided promptly, meaning we will issue a payment in your original form of payment (i.e., check, credit card, cash, or Safar Flyer miles) within 7 days of the cancellation or delay for credit card purchases and within 20 days of cancellation or significant delay for purchases made with other forms of payment.

5. Properly accommodating passengers with disabilities and other special needs, including during tarmac delays

Passengers with Disabilities and Other Special Needs Accommodating the special needs of passengers with disabilities is a top priority for Royal Air Maroc. Royal Air Maroc provides special service for physically impaired passengers and guarantees optimum conditions of comfort, security and assistance for the entire duration of the journey, including:

- Transportation to, from, and between gates.
- Boarding assistance.
- Assistance with visual, auditory, cognitive, or mobility impairments while in the airport and on the plane.
- Consideration of your needs during extended tarmac delays.

Unaccompanied Children
Our policies ensure the safety and well being of children traveling alone including: - Permanent surveillance by the flight personnel from check-in to delivery of the child at the place of destination.
- Providing an identification packet to the child and requiring the accompanying party fill out a "UM travel form", that has to be signed upon arrival by the individual awaiting the child at the airport. That individual must produce a currently valid personal I.D. document and sign the "UM travel form".
- Providing unaccompanied passenger service for children under 12 but at least 8 years old at the date of the outgoing journey, provided a disclaimer of responsibility is signed by the parents or legal guardian. Children under 8 are not accepted to travel alone. They have to be accompanied by another passenger at least 15 years old. Exception: Children under 8 and over 4 on direct flights (no connections) can be accepted to travel alone but only provided there are no more than three children travelling on the same plane in these conditions. To do this, the child or children must be mentioned upon reserving.

- When the passenger is not the father, mother or legal guardian, a duly signed certificate stating acceptance of responsibility for the child for the duration of the flight shall be required.

6. Meeting customers’ essential needs during lengthy tarmac delays

If there is a lengthy tarmac delay at a US airport, and, if safety and security conditions allow, we will provide for your essential needs such as food, potable water, operable lavatory facilities, and access to medical treatment. For further information, see our Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays available at

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7. Handling involuntarily denied boarding passengers with fairness and consistency in the case of oversales.

Occasionally, our flights are oversold and all ticketed customers cannot be accommodated. If that happens, we will treat our passengers with fairness and consistency as described in our policies and procedures for determining boarding priority

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8. Disclosing travel itinerary and other policies that affect your travel

We will provide you with information about policies and procedures that affect your travel on our website,, and, upon request, through our telephone reservations staff, including: - Frequent flyer program details. - Aircraft seating configuration and lavatory availability. - Cancellation policies.

9. Notifying passengers of changes in their travel itineraries

We may need to change the scheduled departure time of your flight after your ticket has been sent to you. If you give us or our authorized agents contact information, we or they will try to let you know about any changes in a timely manner

10. Ensuring responsiveness to customer complaints

We will acknowledge receipt of written customer complaints within 30 days of their receipt and will send a substantive written response within 60 days of receiving the complaint. Complaints regarding our flights to or from the United States may be sent to our Customer Service Department via email at or first class mail to: Royal Air Maroc, One Rockefeller Plaza-Suite 1630, New York, NY 10020.

Phone number : (800) 344-6726

11. Identifying the services Royal Air Maroc provides to mitigate passenger inconveniences resulting from cancellations and misconnects.

In order to mitigate inconveniences to you resulting from cancellations and misconnects, we will: - Attempt to contact you, via contact information provided in your reservation, about cancellations when the event is known. - Provide, subject to availability, meal allowances and hotel accommodations if you are inconvenienced overnight while away from your home due to a cancellation within Royal Air Maroc’s control.

- Provide an alternative flight or ticker refund when a cancellation is within Royal Air Maroc’s control..

12. Aircraft Seating Configuration and Lavatory Availability

Aircraft seating configuration and lavatory availability may be viewed

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13-Disclosing the Right to a Refund:

We will disclose to you that you are entitled to a refund when that is the case whenever we offer alternative transportation, travel credits, vouchers, or other compensation in lieu of a refund consistent with the requirements of 14 CFR 260.7. We will always disclose any material restrictions, conditions, or limitations on travel credits, vouchers, or other compensation that we offer regardless of your entitlement to a refund.

14-Providing Travel Credits When Travel Is Prevented by Serious Communicable Disease:

We will provide, upon request, travel credits or vouchers that are transferrable and do not expire for at least five years from the date of issuance if your travel is impacted by a serious communicable disease as described in 14 CFR Part 262.

15-Properly Accommodating Passengers with Disabilities:

We will properly accommodate passengers with disabilities as required by 14 CFR Part 382 and will provide a refund to a passenger with a disability or a person on the same reservation as a passenger with a disability who does not wish to continue travel as required by 14 CFR 260.6(c).

or, upon request, by calling 800 344 6726


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