Safar Flyer Corporate: Earn miles and Stretch your company's travel budget!

With the Safar Flyer Corporate program, your company can earn 30% more award miles for every flight taken by your employees on our airlines, whether for business or leisure. The miles are directly transferred to your Safar Flyer Corporate account.
This way, your company can accumulate award miles more quickly. Award miles can be used for award tickets, upgrades, and more. That's money saved!
New: All Safar Flyer awards in SF Corporate accounts can be transferred to anyone*!
*except for the excess baggage award

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Your employees are already Safar Flyer members?

Employees keep the same member number as well as their miles. They continue to accumulate 100% of their miles on their Safar Flyer account with each trip they take on RAM airline.

Your employees aren't Safar Flyer members yet?

Your employees must first join Safar Flyer in our 'Join Safar Flyer' section so your company can start enjoying all the advantages of the Safar Flyer Corporate program.

Note: For miles to be counted towards employees' personal accounts and the company Safar Flyer Corporate account, employees must simply indicate their individual Safar Flyer card number during each reservation and registration

Important: In order for the miles to be posted to their personal account and to the company's Safar Flyer Corporate account, it is sufficient for employees to indicate their individual Safar Flyer card number with each reservation and at registration

Frequently asked questions


  • Yes, regardless of the size of the company and as long as it flies with Royal Air Maroc. The minimum number of employees to create a Safar Flyer Corporate account is 3 members, with a minimum age of 20.

  • Registration of the missing flight must be done by the employee or the administrator of the Corporate program directly via his online account; specifying the date, the flight number and the Safar Flyer number of the employee concerned.

  • Each new employee will first have to join the individual Safar Flyer program, directly on our website. The Safar Flyer Corporate account administrator will then be able to complete and sign the attachment form for new employees and send it to Safar Flyer, who can request from the company represented by the administrator the proof of membership of the members communicated in the form. For any request relating to Safar Flyer Corporate, contact us at

  • No, the company can register as many employees as it wishes. Only those employees with a minimum age of 20 are eligible. An individual Safar Flyer member can only belong to one Safar Flyer Corporate account.

  • The award miles of the Corporate account are valid for a period of 2 years: Miles accumulated in April 2019 will expire on December 31, 2021. The status miles are valid for one calendar year. Make sure to take advantage of your Miles as you go before they expire!