Do you need to transfer your miles to one of your relatives or friends?

If you are feeling generous Safar Flyer enables you to transfer your Miles to a loved one!
In order to be able to transfer your miles, be sure to check this information:

  • The member who will do and receive the transfer should at least have 4 000 miles on his award miles balance and 4 flights realized.
  • The transfer can be done by levels of 1 000 miles;
  • The Blue members can benefit from 2 transfer operations per year up to 10 000 miles;
  • The transferred amount should be equal or lower than the beneficiary’s balance.
  • Silver, Gold and Ambassador members can benefit from a maximum of 5 transfer transactions per year.

The miles’ transfer operation is free!

Just fill in the following form; you will be notified by email once your mileage transfer has been accepted.

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