Welcome to Tangier

Located north of the Kingdom in the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier is a real tourist city. Full of sandy beaches, the city offers travelers breathtaking landscapes. The white Tangier has always captivated its visitors and inspires artists with its many faces.

Not far from Spain, the city is still rocked by Spanish influences and gives off a holiday all year long.

The medina hides, in the interlacing of its alleys, palaces and traditional residences. The new town preserves its architecture of the early twentieth century with its Petit Socco, old cafes, mansions and large gardens. As for the 21st century, it makes the cornice vibrate, lined with hotels, restaurants and cafes open until the wee hours of the morning. Want nature and big spaces? Direction Cape Spartel overlooking the Caves of Hercules, meeting point between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

If you are passing by, do not forget to visit the walls of the Kasbah, the Palace of the Sultan, the Grand Socco, the theater Cervantes or the Plaza de Torros.

Tangier is a city that has kept its authenticity, a destination that will not fail to dazzle you with the beauty of its legendary whitewashed buildings.