Information for passengers traveling to Canada

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Following the Canadian authorities’ decision, Royal Air Maroc informs you that starting from October 31,2020, Canada will only accept digital submission of information via the ArriveCAN mobile application. All passengers must show an ArriveCan receipt of digital submission before boarding. To access the ArriveCan application please check the link

Royal Air Maroc informs you that passengers with "the right of entry" to Canada but who did not fulfilled this requirement will be fined on arrival with a fine of $ 275 to $ 1,000 even if admitted on the flight. Passengers who do not have the right of entry to Canada will be refused boarding. Also Royal Air Maroc reminds you that all passengers travelling to Canada will be quarantined for a period of 14 days.
Please note that people who are unable to use digital tools may seek the assistance of others in submitting information on their behalf through the website.

nformation for passengers traveling to UK

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Following the UK authorities’ decision, Royal Air Maroc informs you that starting from October 30,2020, all passengers traveling to the United Kingdom must complete an online passenger locator form 48 hours before their departure. Also, Passengers arriving to England may be required to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival. We invite you to Check the exempt countries list immediately before you travel as this list can change at short notice. Royal Air Maroc reminds you that it is a legal requirement that you wear a face covering on public transport in the UK.
Failure to comply with the above measures is a criminal offence and you could be fined.

For further information and detailed health advice and requirements for entering the UK, please visit

Royal Air Maroc brings more flexibility to its commercial policy

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Following the state of health emergency’s extension until November 10, 2020, Royal Air Morocco is adapting its commercial measures by offering more flexibility. Now, all the tickets are totally flexible regardless of their issue date, price paid or chosen destination.

The applicable commercial provisions are detailed below: br>
•Issue: initial purchase, exchange for an open ticket and / or voucher (tariff difference may be applicable)
•Sales channel: agencies, Call center and Royal Air Maroc website only
•Pricing conditions: non-refundable - No show not allowed;
•Ticket Change : allowed but fare difference may be applicable if the initial fare class is not available.
•Eligibilité :

⇒ Leaving Moroccan territory:
   o Moroccan citizens living abroad and their families
   o Foreigners residents or non-residents in Morocco and their families,
   o Moroccan students admitted in foreign schools,
   o Businessmen, and citizens forced to go abroad for health reasons need to obtain special authorizations from the prefecture of their place of residence in order to be able to leave the territory ,
special authorizations from the prefecture of their place of residence in order to be able to leave the territory.

Passengers departing from Morocco are exempt from testing; However, they must be informed and comply with the health provisions required by the countries of their final destination. The passenger who will not meet the conditions of his arrival country will be refused access to the flight.

⇒ Entry to Moroccan territory :
   o All Moroccan citizens (stranded tourists, students, Moroccans living abroad) and their families
   o Foreigners residing in Morocco and their families.

Professionals of visa-exempt countries will be able to visit Moroccan companies upon a simple invitation from the latter. Invitations must be printed on the letterhead of the inviting company (including their identifiers, including their ICE, RC number and address).
They must also be signed and sealed by an authorized person from the company, and include the purpose of the visit, the full names and passport numbers of the visitors, their date of entry into Moroccan territory as well as their place of residence during their stay in Morocco.
Also, foreign nationals of visa-exempt countries and who have a confirmed hotel reservation will be able to access Moroccan territory upon presentation of this reservation.

All Passengers entering Morocco must present a negative PCR test lasting less than 72 hours before departure time. The serological test is no longer required. Passengers under the age of 11 are exempt from this requirement.

Royal Air Maroc reminds you that wearing a mask is compulsory within our flights and that only handbags, bags for children and computers are allowed on board as luggage.

Important: We remind you that it is the exclusive responsibility of the customer to be informed before his trip and to comply with the authorities’ conditions and requirements of the departure and arrival countries.

Considering that regular international flights are still suspended, the commercial measures set up by Royal Air Maroc to support our passengers are still applicable, and now concern all tickets regardless of their date of issue (tickets issued on regular flights only).

Our clients still have the possibility to change freely the date of departure and the destination as many times as desired without penalties (tariff difference may apply). For passengers who don’t have visibility on their travel date, a voucher can be issued. The validity of the travel vouchers is 12 months and it is possible to get cash refund at the end of the validity period if the voucher is not used.
Below a summary of the provisions with the extension of eligibility for tickets issued until October 1st:br>
• Targeted passengers: All the issued tickets issued, in all Royal Air Maroc network including canceled flights because of de COVID 19 authorities’ restrictions. (Prime-tickets included);
• Travel date: No restriction;
• Ticket Change: unlimited changes of ticket date and destination, free of charge;
• Conditions: change within the same fare class; (Tariff difference applicable in case of unavailability of the initial fare class or change of the destination)
• flight deadline: until October 31,2021 (return date can be extended beyond this deadline to keep the same duration of the trip) ;
• Refund:
o Individual tickets :refund by nominal voucher valid 12 months from the date of its issue. The voucher is refundable in cash on the expiry date. The voucher is issued by travel agencies or our call center at .

• Fare conditions remain applicable.

The flights concerned by this special operation are as follows:
Casablanca-Paris Orly-Casablanca
Casablanca-Paris CDG-Casablanca
Rabat-Paris Orly –Rabat
Oujda- Paris Orly - Oujda
Agadir - Paris Orly - Agadir
Fes- Paris Orly- Fes
Tanger - Paris Orly - Tanger
Marrakech-Parsi Orly-Marrakech
Casablanca - Nice-Casablanca
Casablanca- Marseille-Casablanca
Casablanca- Bordeaux-Casablanca
Casablanca-Las Palmas-Casablanca
Laayoune-Las Palmas-Laayoune

Authorization of passengers in Transit in Casablanca airport to board on Royal Air Maroc flights.

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Royal Air Maroc is pleased to announce that from October 13, 2020, passengers in transit at CMN Airport are allowed to board on Royal Air Maroc flights.
The passengers concerned must comply with the health conditions and the requirements of the authorities of the countries of arrival before boarding our flights.

More flexibility for all Royal Air Maroc customers

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Royal Air Maroc always brings more flexibility to its commercial measures, by lifting all the conditions for changing or modifying tickets. The company is now making all of its tickets fully flexible regardless of the fare paid or the destination chosen. Royal Air Maroc customers can therefore plan their trips with complete peace of mind. Royal Air Maroc is pleased to inform you that all customers have the possibility to:
 Change freely the date of departure and the destination as many times as desired without penalties before the departure:
o No restriction on destination, issue date or travel date (a tariff difference may apply in some cases)
o This change takes effect immediately and concerns both tickets already issued and new issues.
 For passengers who don’t have visibility on their travel date, a voucher can be issued. The validity of the travel vouchers is 12 months and it is possible to get cash refund at the end of the validity period if the voucher is not used

The flight program for the period beyond October 11 is now available on the website, you can also contact our call center or travel agencies.

N’oubliez pas de télécharger, imprimer et renseigner votre fiche sanitaire avant votre voyage.

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La crise sanitaire internationale due à la propagation du virus COVID 19 a engendré de nouvelles conditions de rentrée et de séjour d’un nombre important de pays. Plusieurs pays exigent désormais de remplir des formulaires de santé conformément à la réglementation en vigueur et aux lois applicables. Les informations transmises serviront exclusivement aux fins de la protection de la santé publique et sont communiquées uniquement aux autorités à l’arrivée du pays de destination. Pour prendre connaissance des documents de voyages exigés durant votre parcours ainsi que les restrictions applicables, n’hésitez pas de consulter le site des ambassades des pays de transit et de destination. Veuillez trouver ci-dessous la liste des pays[1] exigeant la présentation de la fiche sanitaire à l’arrivée.

Pays Lien pour télécharger le formulaire
Allemagne Public Health Passenger Locator Form:

Les passagers à destination de l’Allemagne doivent obligatoirement renseigner leur formulaire sans oublier l‘adresse de leur séjour et leur contact en Allemagne. Les formulaires acceptables sont ceux imprimés format A4. Tous les passagers arrivant en Allemagne sont soumis à un test PCR gratuit et obligatoire.

Arabie Saoudite
Egypte Cairo Arrival Declaration
Emirats arabes unis
France et
Italie AUTODICHIARAZIONE COVID – 19/ Self declaration form
Royaume Unis
Pays Bas Health declaration form :
Turquie Formulaire "YOLCU BİLGİ FORMU"
Côte d’ivoire : Déclaration de déplacement :
Mauritanie Public Health Passenger Form
GABON Fiche identification test COVID
Guinée Formulaire de déclaration de santé
Guinée équatoriale Fiche sanitaire d entrée à la Guinnée equatoriale SSG Malabo

[1] Les formalités de voyage correspondant à chaque pays sont régulièrement mises à jour. Avant chaque voyage, vous devez consulter les sites des ambassades du pays de départ, de transit et d’arrivée pour prendre connaissance des conditions de voyage et d’acceptation.

Important measure for your next trip with Royal Air Maroc

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To ensure that you travel in the safest possible conditions ,it is mandatory to wear a mask upon arrival at the airport and board

Hand luggage is not accepted on board (except for handbags ,baby ,bags ,laptop bags and medicine kits) and must be checked in the checked baggage compartment