Welcome to Dakhla

Famous for its tourist attractions, the city also impresses with its beautiful views. Dakhla fascinates and amazes at the same time. It has a mild climate thanks to its location between the waters of the Atlantic and the sands of the desert, a climate that has made this city popular with water sports enthusiasts. Ranked as the world's number one surfing destination, Dakhla attracts the best surfers and kite surfers from all five continents who come here to curb the waves here and “walk” the legendary Dune Blanche. Dakhla's majestic lagoon is home to both luxury hotels and eco-cottages, but they all care about preserving this unique place, where flamingos and seals, as well as stingrays and humpback dolphins, can be found. In addition to sports and yoga, do not forget to visit the natural hot springs of Asmaa. Then, at sunset, stop at Um El Bouim Beach to see the desert dress up in red evening dress. It's unforgettable! Don't miss the opportunity to visit the oyster park, it's so delicious!