Ram desk

To check in at the desk, you just need your e-ticket or reservation number, your Safar Flyer card and your passport or identity card.

Priority check-in

Travelling in Business Class? There are exclusive check-in desks at your disposal for priority boarding.
Do you have a Safar flyer Gold or Silver card?
You can use the priority check-in desks on presentation of your Safar Flyer card.

Unaccompanied children

At check-in, Royal Air Maroc staff will welcome the child, accompanied by their parents or the person appointed to accompany them.
Parents must fill out a disclaimer and provide all the necessary information about the person who will be waiting for them at the final destination.
A pouch will be given to each child so they can be easily identified.
A member of Royal Air Maroc staff will host your child throughout their journey, until they are collected by the nominated person mentioned on the disclaimer.



Für Inlandsflüge können Sie für den Hin- und Rückflug am selben Tag einchecken, wenn Sie ohne Gepäck reisen. Damit sparen Sie sich das einchecken für den Rückflug.

Flüge mit Anschluss

Sie können mit Ihrem Gepäck am Zielort einchecken. Die Bordkarte für den Anschlussflug erhalten Sie am Abflugort.

Online Check-in

Unter E-Services/Web-Check-in auf unserer Website können Sie auch unkomplizierter einchecken.

Check-in tips

1. Respect the deadline for check-in

2. Check-in for international flights is 2 hours (3 hours for long-haul flights) before the scheduled time of departure (off-peak), and 3 (or 4 hours for long-haul flights) hours before in peak periods (school holidays, etc.).

3. Royal Air Maroc reserves the right to use the reserved seat if the check-in dead-line is not respected.

4. Check-in closes 60 minutes before departure time.

5. Respect the deadline for check-in

6. If you have checked in on the internet and you don't have any bags to check in, you can arrive at the airport later.

7. However, be sure to respect the time at which you must proceed to boarding, which is 60 minutes before the departure time of the flight, after which Royal Air Maroc reserves the right to use your seat

8. Make sure you have all the necessary immigration and sanitary documents required for the country of destination.

9. To enjoy your journey and avoid stress, arrive in plenty of time for your check-in and boarding deadlines.