Is your child travelling alone? At the airport, on board or by connecting flight, our Royal Air Maroc staff will assist him and ensure his safety and comfort. Aware of the importance and the responsibility of this task, be rest assured that we will take all necessary measures to ensure your child travels in comfort.

Age Can you use our UM service?
Less than 4 years The UM service is not available. You chirld must travel with a companion who is aged above 18. *
Between 4 and 12 years The UM service is mandatory for an accompanied child. Your child will be accompanied by one of our agents from check-in until boarding, and then shall be entrusted to our hostesses on board. Once at the destination airport, your child will be handed over.
Between 12 and 16 years This service is optional (and is paid for) if the child is aged between 12 and 14. You can apply at your Royal Air Maroc agency or at our call centres.

Unattendance minors

The number of beneficiaries of this exception is, however, limited to four children per flight. For this, they must be reported at the time of booking.
They benefit from UM (Unaccompanied Minor) treatment which ensures constant vigilance of the company's staff from the time of registration until the child's arrival.
At the time of registration, an identification bag is given to the child and the person accompanying it completes a "UM course card", which must be signed on arrival by the person expressly designated to pick it up.
It must present a valid personal ID and sign the "UM course card".
Payment for this service is mandatory on international flights for unaccompanied children aged 4 to 12 years. This service is optional for children between 12 and 16 years old.
The UM ticket price corresponds to the adult fare plus a surcharge of 50 euros per trip. Moreover, this service is currently free on the home network.
The acceptance of children traveling alone on RAM flights is conditioned by the introduction of the contact data of the persons accompanying the child to the airport of departure and pick it up on arrival, this data must be included in the travel file. UM passenger reservation.


We inform you that for flights departing from Geneva, UMNR (unaccompanied minor passengers) must be accompanied by an adult to the boarding gate. To make the pass for the accompanying person, the latter must provide a written authorization signed by the parent (s) with a photocopy of the document (s) authorizing the child to be accompanied by a person who does not have the same family name.