What is Deutsche Bahn's Rail&Fly?

With a strong commitment to environmental protection and a focus on enhancing customer experience, Royal Air Maroc is proud to introduce an exciting new project in partnership with the esteemed national railway company, DB (DeutscheBahn).

Embracing the Bimodal transportation mode, our company aims to revolutionize travel convenience for our valued customers.

This innovative partnership opens up a world of possibilities, connecting Royal Air Maroc-serviced airports to an extensive network of cities throughout Germany, as well as the borders of Austria and Switzerland.

By leveraging this collaboration, we offer an unparalleled level of accessibility, flexibility, and comfort, ensuring that our customers enjoy seamless journeys every step of the way.

Imagine embarking on a stress-free trip, with highly attractive prices and the latest generation of ICE trains providing a luxurious and comfortable travel experience.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is at the heart of this endeavor, as we strive to meet and exceed expectations, while ensuring that our passengers enjoy a memorable and convenient journey.

Experience the future of travel with Royal Air Maroc and DB partnership, where every moment counts and every journey is a delightful experience.

Rail&Fly is an offer from Deutsche Bahn for traveling to the airport by train if you want to take an international flight.

You don't have to commit to any specific trains when booking, simply choose the best train connection for your flight yourself in the course of your further travel planning, check in up to 72 hours before departure at http://rail-checkin.com and get on board .

With Deutsche Bahn you can travel stress-free to your flight.

Rail&Fly is available for destinations that Royal Air Maroc flies directly to from Casablanca - for destinations where you have to travel with another airline, Rail&Fly cannot currently be booked online.

Deutsche Bahn's Rail&Fly

Rail&Fly includes the train journey

• from/to any of the more than 5,600 DB stations in Germany, Austria (Salzburg), Switzerland (Basel, Zurich), Amsterdam and Brussels.

• from/to any German airport on the entire DB route network. Below this list you will also find an overview of the free airport connections included in the Rail&Fly ticket with other public transport to Royal Air Maroc departure airports.

Reservations are required for City Night Line trains and a surcharge will apply in the comfort category (seat, couchette, or sleeper car).

You can book the surcharge online at http://bahn.de , in DB travel centers, travel agencies with DB agencies and via the Deutsche Bahn service hotline.

The Rail&Fly tickets purchased with your booking are valid on the day of departure in Germany and the day before as well as on the day of arrival in Germany and the day after that .

Transfer connections to/from the airport

Airport from / to train station Connections to the airport
Frankfurt/M. Frankfurt/M. Airport Direct ICE/IC connection S-Bahn lines S8 and S9
Dusseldorf Dusseldorf airport Direct RE/RB connection S-Bahn line S11

What are the advantages ?

You travel cheaper by train than with a feeder flight. In the case of the query including Rail&Fly, the stated ticket price already includes the Rail&Fly ticket (for the lower booking classes, any surcharge that may apply is already included in the ticket price).

The ticket is valid for travel in second class on Deutsche Bahn if you have booked a flight in economy class. Fly in our Business Class, travel in First Class with Deutsche Bahn.

Traveling by train is more environmentally friendly than using an additional feeder flight.

You are flexible and do not have to decide on a specific train when booking your flight.

Simply choose your optimal train connection in the course of your further travel planning. Even spontaneous changes and a re-decision in the choice of train are possible (provided that the trains do not require reservations).

Use ICE trains as well as IC or regional trains at no extra charge

You can use certain transfer connections with other public transport (such as suburban train or bus) to the Royal Air Maroc departure airports free of charge with your Rail&Fly ticket.
Together with the well-developed route network of Deutsche Bahn, you can get from your nearest train station directly to any of our 2 departure airports.