Travel terms and conditions per country

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Due to the current sanitary context, most countries require a negative test to Covid-19, quarantine and travel documents.
These conditions are constantly changing.
Before your trip, check which conditions apply on the IATA Travel Center website.

Implementation of new health measures for passengers travelling to France

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As part of the state of health emergency in France, Royal Air Maroc informs you that all passenger travelling to France must present a “certificate of exceptional international travel” and “a sworn statement of the absence of symptoms of infection by Covid 19”. These documents are available on the link: You must present the certificate and the declaration before check-in to be admitted on our flights.

Royal Air Maroc informs you that starting from November 11, 2020, passengers travelling to France must present a negative PCR test dating back less than 72 hours to be admitted in our flights. The antigenic test are not accepted anymore. This measure does not apply to passengers under 11 years old.

Also, and starting from January 18, 2021, all passengers from countries outside the EU must self-isolate for 7days once arrived , another test must be done at the end of this period. The passenger must present the document "Commitment on honor to comply with the rules relating to entry into the national metropolitan territory" to be able to board. It is a commitment of the traveler to submit to an antigen test or a possible biological examination on arrival, to isolate himself for seven days in one of the places designated by the authorities when there is an exemption from biological examination, and undergo a PCR test after this 7-day isolation period.

Royal Air Maroc recommend to keep your boarding pass. The boarding pass shall be presented to the arrival authority. In the absence of the boarding pass, the passenger will be considered as coming from a country on the red list and subject to specific health regulations (derogatory certificate, additional documents ... ).

Royal Air Maroc reminds you that it is the exclusive responsibility of the passengers to be informed and to comply with the health requirements of their country of departure / destination

Documents to download before the trip

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The international health crisis due to the spread of the COVID 19 virus has created new conditions for the entry and stay of a significant number of countries. Several countries now require the completion of health forms in accordance with current regulations and applicable laws. The information transmitted will be used exclusively for the protection of public health and is communicated only to the authorities upon arrival in the country of destination. To find out about the travel documents required during your trip and the applicable restrictions, do not hesitate to consult the websites of the embassies of the countries of transit and destination. Please find below the list of countries requiring the presentation of the health card upon arrival..

Country Link to download the form
Germany Public Health Passenger Locator Form:

Passengers travelling to Germany are required to fill in the form, as well as the address of their stay and their contact person in Germany. Acceptable forms are those printed in A4 format. All passengers arriving in Germany are subject to a free and mandatory PCR test..

Saudi Arabia
Egypt Cairo Arrival Declaration
United Arab Emirates
France et
Italy AUTODICHIARAZIONE COVID – 19/ Self declaration form
United Kingdom

Following the decision of the English authorities, we inform you of the implementation of the isolation decreed by the British Government, which runs from Nov. 5 to Dec. 2. The English authorities encourage citizens to stay at home and avoid traveling in the United Kingdom or abroad, unless they are traveling for work, study or other legally authorized reasons. A full list of exemptions can be found on the following link DfT's extranet. Also, anyone authorized to travel must continue to follow existing guidelines for safer travel, wearing a mask, washing / disinfecting their hands regularly, and respecting social distances. Royal Air Maroc reminds you that from October 30, 2020, all passengers bound for the United Kingdom are required to complete before their departure, the online passenger location form. Also, a quarantine of 14 days may be required depending on the country of departure of the passenger. We invite you to consult the list of countries exempt from quarantine before your departure, this list may be subject to regular changes. Passengers who do not meet the health requirements imposed by the authorities are liable to fines on arrival in the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit

Netherlands Health declaration form :
Ivory Coast : Displacement Declaration :
Mauritania Public Health Passenger Form
GABON Fiche identification test COVID
Guinea Formulaire de déclaration de santé
Equatorial Guinea Fiche sanitaire d entrée à la Guinnée equatoriale SSG Malabo

Following the Nigerian authorities’ decision related to Covid 19, we inform you that passengers travelling to Nigeria must present a valid PCR test done within 96 hours before departure and preferably within 72 hours pre-boarding . Royal Air Maroc reminds you that all intending passengers are required to register via a Nigerian International Travel Portal online fill the online form and and pay the costs of the second PCR test which will be required on the 7th day after their arrival in Nigeria. On completion of the form, please print out or download an electronic copy of this Access Report containing a QR Code for presentation before boarding. If this is not provided passengers may not be allowed to board.
Royal Air Maroc informs you that passengers entering to Nigeria will proceed on a 7-day self-isolation/quarantine. Passengers, after filling the previous online form, will be given an appointment date and time to present themselves at the Laboratory for a repeat COVID-19 PCR test on the 7th day. Passengers must present themselves at the sample collection centers on the 7th day of arrival. A list of accredited private laboratory providers across the country will be available on the portals. Once the test is negative, the self-confinement will be ended.
Royal Air Maroc reminds you that it is the exclusive responsibility of the customer to inform himself and comply with the requirements of the country of departure / arrival.


[1] 1] The travel procedures corresponding to each country are regularly updated. Before each trip, you should consult the websites of the embassies of the country of departure, transit and arrival to find out the conditions of travel and acceptance.

Commercial provisions for passengers impacted by flights’ cancellations to United Kingdom

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Following the decision to suspend all flights to the United Kingdom, Royal Air Maroc implements the commercial provisions below for the impacted passengers:
 Eligibility: passengers on flights to and from the United Kingdom, canceled as of December 21, 2020;
 Date change: postponement free of charge on available flights to the same initial destination until March 30, 2021 inclusive;
 Change of route: 1 change allowed to another destination in Europe until March 30, 2021 inclusive;
 Reimbursement allowed:

 Voucher (EMD) valid for 12 months and refundable in cash at the end of validity;
 In cash.

Important: It is the exclusive responsibility of the customer to inform himself and comply - before traveling - with the conditions and requirements of the authorities of the countries of departure, transit and arrival.

Tarifs préférentiels pour vos tests de dépistages Covid-19 au départ du Maroc – Casablanca

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Royal Air Maroc met à votre disposition des tarifs préférentiels allant jusqu’à -28% pour vos tests de dépistages Covid-19 au Maroc grâce à son partenariat avec le Laboratoire International d’Analyses Biomédicale LIAB présent au niveau de la ville de casablanca.

Désigation du test Prix public TTC Prix Voyageurs RAM TTC Délais de rendu des résultats
La détection des acides nucléques du SARS COV2(COVID19) par RT PCR 700 550 Dans les 24 heures
La détection des acides nucléques du SARSCOV2(COVID19) par technique moléculaire iso-thermique ID NO NOW 1200 1100 Une demi-heure
Sérologie anti SARAS COV2 igG 1200 1100 Une demi-heure

Pour plus d'information et/ou prise de rendez-vous, vous pouvez contacter directement le Laboratoire International d’Analyses Biomédicales sur son site internet : , Par téléphone/WhatsApp au 06 71 81 81 35 – 06 61 75 73 57 ou par email

Toutes les mesures sanitaires sont mises en place pour un voyage en toute sérénité et tranquillité d’esprit.

Validity of the PCR test for passengers entering to Morocco

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Following the decision of the Moroccan authorities, passengers travelling to Morocco must present a negative PCR test with a validity of less than 72 hours. The reference date taken into consideration for the verification of the PCR test is the date of collection of the sample, and not the date the results were obtained.

The applicable commercial provisions are detailed below: br>
•Issue: initial purchase, exchange for an open ticket and / or voucher (tariff difference may be applicable)
•Sales channel: agencies, Call center and Royal Air Maroc website only
•Pricing conditions: non-refundable - No show not allowed;
•Ticket Change : allowed but fare difference may be applicable if the initial fare class is not available.
•Eligibilité :

⇒ Leaving Moroccan territory:
   o Moroccan citizens living abroad and their families
   o Foreigners residents or non-residents in Morocco and their families,
   o Moroccan students admitted in foreign schools,
   o Businessmen, and citizens forced to go abroad for health reasons need to obtain special authorizations from the prefecture of their place of residence in order to be able to leave the territory ,
special authorizations from the prefecture of their place of residence in order to be able to leave the territory.

Passengers departing from Morocco are exempt from testing; However, they must be informed and comply with the health provisions required by the countries of their final destination. The passenger who will not meet the conditions of his arrival country will be refused access to the flight.

⇒ Entry to Moroccan territory :
   o All Moroccan citizens (stranded tourists, students, Moroccans living abroad) and their families
   o Foreigners residing in Morocco and their families.

Professionals of visa-exempt countries will be able to visit Moroccan companies upon a simple invitation from the latter. Invitations must be printed on the letterhead of the inviting company (including their identifiers, including their ICE, RC number and address).
They must also be signed and sealed by an authorized person from the company, and include the purpose of the visit, the full names and passport numbers of the visitors, their date of entry into Moroccan territory as well as their place of residence during their stay in Morocco.
Also, foreign nationals of visa-exempt countries and who have a confirmed hotel reservation will be able to access Moroccan territory upon presentation of this reservation.

All Passengers entering Morocco must present a negative PCR test lasting less than 72 hours from the date of the sample (and no longer from the date of the result), before departure time. The serological test is no longer required. Passengers under the age of 11 are exempt from this requirement.

Royal Air Maroc reminds you that wearing a mask is compulsory within our flights and that only handbags, bags for children and computers are allowed on board as luggage.

Important: We remind you that it is the exclusive responsibility of the customer to be informed before his trip and to comply with the authorities’ conditions and requirements of the departure and arrival countries.

Considering that regular international flights are still suspended, the commercial measures set up by Royal Air Maroc to support our passengers are still applicable, and now concern all tickets regardless of their date of issue (tickets issued on regular flights only).

Our clients still have the possibility to change freely the date of departure and the destination as many times as desired without penalties (tariff difference may apply). For passengers who don’t have visibility on their travel date, a voucher can be issued. The validity of the travel vouchers is 12 months and it is possible to get cash refund at the end of the validity period if the voucher is not used.
Below a summary of the provisions with the extension of eligibility for tickets issued until October 1st:br>
• Targeted passengers: All the issued tickets issued, in all Royal Air Maroc network including canceled flights because of de COVID 19 authorities’ restrictions. (Prime-tickets included);
• Travel date: No restriction;
• Ticket Change: unlimited changes of ticket date and destination, free of charge;
• Conditions: change within the same fare class; (Tariff difference applicable in case of unavailability of the initial fare class or change of the destination)
• flight deadline: until October 31,2021 (return date can be extended beyond this deadline to keep the same duration of the trip) ;
• Refund:
o Individual tickets :refund by nominal voucher valid 12 months from the date of its issue. The voucher is refundable in cash on the expiry date. The voucher is issued by travel agencies or our call center at .

• Fare conditions remain applicable.

Ticket flexibility

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Royal Air Maroc always brings more flexibility to its commercial measures, by lifting all the conditions for changing or modifying tickets. The company is now making all of its tickets fully flexible regardless of the fare paid or the destination chosen. Royal Air Maroc customers can therefore plan their trips with complete peace of mind.
Royal Air Maroc is pleased to inform you that all customers have the possibility to:
- Change freely the date of departure and the destination as many times as desired without penalties before the departure:
o No restriction on destination, issue date or travel date (a tariff difference may apply in some cases)
o This change takes effect immediately and concerns both tickets already issued and new issues.
- For passengers who don’t have visibility on their travel date, a voucher can be issued. The validity of the travel vouchers is 12 months and it is possible to get cash refund at the end of the validity period if the voucher is not used

The flight program for the period beyond October 11 is now available on our website, you can also contact our call center or travel agencies.
Flights will operate from this date with 3-digit flight numbers.

Passagers à destination de la Russie

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En raison de la fermeture des frontières russes , seuls les passagers de nationalité Russe , les titulaires de résidence permanente et les diplomates sont acceptés.
Les autres visas seront refusés par les autorités russes

Authorization of passengers in Transit in Casablanca airport to board on Royal Air Maroc flights.

Last updated 2020-11-25 16:12:04.0

Royal Air Maroc is pleased to announce that from October 13, 2020, passengers in transit at CMN Airport are allowed to board on Royal Air Maroc flights.
The passengers concerned must comply with the health conditions and the requirements of the authorities of the countries of arrival before boarding our flights.