In the event of damage to luggage during the trip, please contact the "baggage assistance" service at the arrival airport to establish a statement of damage to luggage.

If you find that your baggage has been damaged after leaving the airport, you have a period of 7 days, from the date of your arrival / date of reception of the baggage in case of delay, to declare by arriving at the airport with damaged baggage.

It is necessary to send the report made to the airport as well as the required documents to the address We invite you to submit a claim by filling in the form available on our website at the following link:
An acknowledgement of receipt, containing your claim reference, will be sent to you automatically. Once you receive the acknowledgement of receipt, please send a message to , with the same email subject as the acknowledgement of receipt containing your request reference number, by attaching the following documents:

  • The report of irregularity established at the airport upon your arrival (DPR)
  • The baggage identification stub (TAG)
  • The invoice for damaged baggage (or an estimate or repair invoice).
  • Photos of damaged baggage with its baggage tag (TAG).