Preparing your trip

Medical certificate

  • You will be asked to provide a medical certificate for the following exceptions:
  • If you are travelling on a stretcher or incubator
  • If you need medical oxygen during the flight
  • If you have a contagious disease
  • If your medical condition means that you are at risk when travelling without medical assistance during the flight.

Advance notice

  • In case of specific needs, we require notification in advance on a flight for the following services:
  • 72 hours in advance to request medical oxygen during flight
  • 48 hours in advance to use your own POC (Portable Oxygen Concentrator).
  • Transport of an incubator.
  • Stretcher (STCR).
  • Transport of a group of 10 passengers or more with reduced mobility travelling together.
  • Transport on board of an animal (dog) for emotional or psychiatric support (when booked more than 48 hours in advance).
  • Transport of a dog on board a flight when the duration of flight is greater than or equal to 8 hours (when booked more than 48 hours in advance).
  • Transport of a visually and hearing impaired passenger.
  • Transport of any dangerous material requiring special packaging.

Specific needs

  • You can request specific services when booking your trip.
  • Among the services offered, special meals (gluten-free meals, low cholesterol meals, etc.) can be served on board – remember to mention this at the time of booking.

Flight informatoin

  • Royal Air Maroc staff are at your disposal to provide all the information to plan your trip in complete peace of mind :
  • The location of seats with movable armrests by row and seat number.
  • The location of the seats unsuitable for people with limited mobility (exit rows).
  • The availability of equipment, level or lift boarding.
  • Limitations on the possibility of loading, mobility equipment or other equipment in cabin or hold including the loading of wheelchairs
  • If the aircraft is equipped with accessible toilets.
  • The availability or not, on board, of the various services for people with reduced mobility.


  • A safety assistant is required by Royal Air Maroc to accompany you during the flight in the following cases:
  • If you are on a stretcher.
  • If you are unable to understand or respond appropriately to the safety instructions issued by the Royal Air Maroc staff. So you can travel alone If you are able to understand and apply the safety instructions.
  • If your degree of physical mobility is very limited and does not allow you to evacuate in an emergency. You can travel without a security assistant if you are able to physically contribute in the event of an evacuation.

Safety assistance

  • A safety assistant is a person of 12 years minimum, responsible for your evacuation. This person must be willing and able to actively and physically help you to evacuate, and must understand and be able to apply the safety instructions.
  • A safety assistant can be a person accompanying you if they meet the requirements and are sitting next to you.
  • A safety assistant can not be responsible for a person with reduced mobility and a baby or child under 5 years at the same time. They can not be the security assistant for several people with reduced mobility at the same time.

Free transport of assistance dogs

  • You can travel with a guide dog for free. You can also travel with an emotional/psychiatric support dog for free if you provide supporting documentation.

Respiratory problems

  • You are allowed to take with you or use on board your own portable oxygen concentrator POC (defined as a medical device that separates oxygen from other gasses in ambient air and dispenses the concentrated oxygen to the user) provided it is approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).
  • Please make sure you have the necessary number of batteries to operate the device during the flight (as recommended by the manufacturer, the sufficient number of hours of battery life, to provide not less than 150% of the expected maximum flight time).
  • Make sure that the additional batteries are packed so as to avoid damage and short circuiting.
  • Do not hesitate to ask our reservation agents about transport conditions according to the assistance required for your particular disability.
  • Royal Air Maroc will inform you about the expected maximum flight time of each part of your itinerary 24-48hrs before departure if you advise us that you plan to operate your electronic respiratory device during your flight.

Portable oxigen concentrator (POC)

  • The preceding FAA rule (Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) 106) authorized use of the following POC types:
  • AirSep FreeStyle, AirSep LifeStyle, AirSep Focus, AirSep FreeStyle 5, Delphi RS-00400, DeVilbiss Healthcare iGo, Inogen One, Inogen One G2, Inogen One G3, Inova Labs LifeChoice, Inova Labs LifeChoice Activox, International Biophysics LifeChoice, Invacare XPO2, Invacare Solo2, Oxlife Independence Oxygen Concentrator, Oxus RS-00400, Precision Medical EasyPulse, Respironics EverGo, Respironics SimplyGo, SeQual Eclipse, SeQual eQuinox Oxygen System (model 4000), SeQual Oxywell Oxygen System (model 4000), SeQual SAROS and VBOX Trooper Portable Oxygen Concentrator units.
  • The new rule requires carriers to use those approved devices inflight unless:
  • 1. The device does not meet requirements for medical portable electronic devices set by the foreign carrier’s government if such requirements exist;
  • 2. The device does not meet requirements for medical portable electronic devices set by the FAA for U.S. carriers in circumstances where requirements for medical portable electronic devices have not been set by the foreign carrier’s government and the foreign carrier elects to apply FAA requirements for medical portable electronic devices;
  • 3. The device cannot be stowed and used in the passenger cabin consistent with applicable TSA, FAA and PHMSA regulations, and the safety or security regulations of the foreign carrier’s government.
  • The rule also requires, subject to the same three conditions stated above, carriers permit use of additional POCs based on the manufacturer’s certification without specific FAA approval. More specifically, POCs suitable for use in the cabin must be identified by a label containing the following statement in red text:
  • “The manufacturer of this POC has determined this device conforms to all applicable FAA requirements for POC carriage and use on board aircraft.”
  • The label must be permanently affixed to the POC in such a way that it cannot be transferred to any other device.
  • The rule also requires that carriers provides the following information during the reservation process upon inquiry from any individual concerning the use of a ventilator, respirator, continuous positive airway machine, or POC:
  • 1. Any applicable requirement for a manufacturer-affixed label to reflect that the device has been tested to meet requirements for medical portable electronic devices set by the foreign carrier’s government if such requirements exist.
  • 2. The maximum weight and dimensions (length, width, height) of the device to be used by an individual that can be accommodated in the aircraft cabin consistent with the safety regulations of the foreign carrier’s government.
  • 3. Passenger should bring an adequate number of batteries to power the POC for up to 150% of the expected maximum flight duration and to ensure that extra batteries carried onboard to power the device are packaged in accordance with applicable government safety regulations.
  • 4. Passenger should contact airline 48 hours before scheduled departure to learn the expected maximum duration of his/her flight in order to determine the required number of batteries for his/her particular ventilator, respirator, continuous positive airway pressure machine, or POC;
  • 5. Passenger who wishes use a POC onboard an aircraft should present at the airport a physician’s statement (medical certificate). The rule retains the existing SFAR No. 106 provision prohibiting passengers using a POC from sitting in exit seats. It also includes a specific requirement for POCs to be stowed during movement on the surface, takeoff, and landing.

Our special services

  • Pregnant women and babies

    Pregnant women and babies are accepted on Royal Air Maroc lines up to the eighth month of pregnancy at the beginning of their trip. The passenger must be provided with a medical certificate.

    More info
  • Unattendace minors

    Is your child travelling alone? At the airport, on board or by connecting flight, our Royal Air Maroc staff will assist him and ensure his safety and comfort. We will take all necessary measures to ensure your child travels in comfort.

    More info
  • Reduced mobility attendance

    Royal Air Maroc pays particular attention to passengers with reduced mobility and ensures optimum comfort, safety and support during the trip. We request that you inform us in advance regarding any disability.

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