Earn more with your trips!!

Start earning with our Safar Flyer loyalty program. Don’t miss a single mile: enter your Safar Flyer number when purchasing your airfare and earn miles after each trip. The number of miles you earn depends on the distance traveled and your ticket class.

On each flight, you accumulate 02 types of miles which each offers you distinct benefits:

Miles Types How to use them ? How to earn them ? Validity
Award Miles Allow to earn different types of Award On RAM flights
With our airline and non-airline partners
Valid 3 years on an Safar Flyer individual accounts
Miles Status Determine the status of members:
Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum
On RAM flights
and our one world partners
Valid for the calendar year until 12/31 of each year
Safar Flyer Corporate

Are you a business?

As a Safar Flyer Corporate, member, your business can earn 30% more Award Miles for every flight your employees take with Royal Air Maroc.
Your business can earn Miles fast to use for airfare and upgrades to Business class, stretching your travel budget even further!

Award Miles and Status Miles: Safar Flyer currency!

Each trip earns you 2 types of miles:

-Award miles: valid for 3 years, use these for awards: airfare, upgrades to Business class, excess luggage…

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- Status miles: valid for one calendar year, use them to change your status. Earn them exclusively on RAM flights.

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Award Miles and Status Miles accumulated on Royal Air Maroc flights, are calculated according to the booking class as follows:

Travel class Booking class Award Miles Status Miles
Business J – C – D 200% 200%
I 200% 200%
U (UPGRADE) 100% 100%
Economy Y- B 120% 120%
H- K- M- L - V -S -N -Q -O -T- R –W- P- G 100% 100%
Booking classes without luggage (Wxbag – Pxbag – Rxbag) 0% 0%

Award tickets and booking classes without luggage do not allow the earn of miles.
An extra bonus in award miles is offered for the following tiers : Silver, Gold and Platinum.

  • Get miles on every trip with Safar Flyer!

    Our extensive network of more than 96 destinations allows you to earn miles with each trip when you fly with Royal Air Maroc and any our partner airlines. The more you travel, the faster you'll get exclusive advantages, like access to our VIP lounge....

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  • Awards in the palm of your hand!

    Starting at 3,750 miles, enjoy Business class with your Upgrade award.
    Starting at 4,750 miles, discover the splendor of Morocco’s landscapes with an award ticket to Dakhla, Agadir, or Marrakesh!

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  • Family spirit always has advantages!

    Are you travelling with your family? Combine your miles in one account to earn Safar Flyer awards faster! Your miles are also kept on the Family account.

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Il calcolatore sui voli dei partner oneworld è solo per i voli diretti. Per i viaggi in coincidenza, inserisci ogni volo separatamente, poi aggiungi gli importi per ottenere il totale. Esempio: per Casablanca a Montreal via Parigi, inserisci Casablanca a Parigi, poi Parigi a Londra.

Dove vuoi andare?

Classe di prenotazione

Quante miglia si possono accumulare?

I biglietti premio, Cash & Miles biglietti e le prenotazioni sulle classi di prenotazione E e Wxbag, Pxbag, Rxbag non consentono di guadagnare miglia.
Un bonus extra in miglia premio è offerto per i seguenti livelli: Silver, Gold e Platinum
Le miglia visualizzate non includono le tasse e gli oneri imposti dai vettori.

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